Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lunch With Mother

So of course Jessie had to go to see her Granny in her new home and Vergil too and somehow we all ended up going and it was a lunch for my brother's birthday, too, and so where do we go eat? Well, the question was asked and I suggested a place I like for the noodles, called Japanika, and I like to say JAPANEEKA! real loud and also, they have the most comfortable couch in the world in their lobby- all good reasons to go to a restaurant, right?- and so we went there and Mother and my brother and Mr. Moon looked at the menu and knew they were in the wrong place and my mother ate about 1/10th of her lunch, maybe one bite of chicken and three entire fat udon noodles, and in another room we could almost see into, a Hibachi chef was making great flames of fire leap and dance and roar and we sat there, one half of us pretending to like our food, the other half mostly enjoying it and me thinking, Japaneeka, oh, why, Japaneeka, did I think this was a good idea, why didn't we go to Piggy's Barbecue, oh why?


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  2. Piggies BBQ? Funny! Sonny's I've heard of, but Piggies...?

    Why, oh why indeed!

  3. Never too old or stubborn to venture into new cuisine. I guess they don't like sushi either.

  4. Ha! We have a similar favorite haunt here called Hu Hot. Only I call it Ho Hut. Cuz that is funnier. And I shout it, as well.

  5. It's okay that you get to go somewhere you want to once in a damn while.


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