Friday, August 5, 2011

God I spent a lot of money at the Costo today. Is Costco as evil as Walmart? I hope not. I always see the same employees there and that's a good sign and they are not surly and that's an even better sign.
The stuffed grape leaves are back and I bought some because Jessie asked me to and lots of chicken which is now in the freezer and organic berries and Power Bars and olive oil and almonds and beer and water and oh hell. I have no idea.

Is Costco the Redneck Trader Joe's?

Jessie and Vergil are on their way here. They may have had to stop at some point for Vergil to find wireless to do some work. He does actual work for an actual company. The sheets are clean and that includes the ones on my bed and I used the clothesline today which is good because I think my dryer has a heating element which is out.

Freddy just called. Bless his heart. He wants to help me get my book published. The book I wrote so long ago that I can barely remember it. He said, "Books about waitresses do really well." He's graduating tomorrow and just had a second patent approved and has a children's book out and oh, you know, that movie- making thing. "I want to be your agent," he said.
Works for me. My Boston Yankee agent promised me the moon and stars and slipped away while I was busy planting a garden or something. Hope is a slender, tiny thing. Hope is a chilled mandarin orange, delicious and sweet as it goes down, quickly gone. But who knows? Not me. Freddy has the face of someone cut in stone.

Mr. Moon and I had a martini on the porch and he cut up a watermelon and we took the rinds out to the chickens and got a venison ham out of the freezer and I'm going to try and cook it tomorrow. I have never cooked an entire deer ham. I'm going to smother it in a barbecue sauce of vinegar and spices and cover it with bacon (because it has no fat of its own) and cook it in the oven in a covered pot very, very slowly. It's too damn big to cook in the crock-pot. We shall see how that goes.

Lawd, y'all. It's so hot. I can't even begin to tell you how hot it is. If you live here, or anywhere near here, you know. If you don't, you can't imagine.

I bought one of Costco's take-away pizzas today and I'm about to go cut up vegetables to go on it, to make it better, and then pop it in the oven, which is a sin in and of itself. Turning on anything which creates heat in this heat is just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
There are clothes hanging on the line. One chicken a day lays an egg. The cicadas and tree frogs are screaming. What are they screaming about? The heat? The joy of life? The existential meaningless of it all?

No idea.

I have no idea about anything.

And for right this second, that is as much as I can deal with.


  1. Mamacita, would it be cool for me to sleep over tomorrow night?

  2. Jessie and Virgel are coming... all will be well. :-)

  3. DTG- Nothing in this world could make me happier.

    Ms. Fleur- I know.

  4. I want to buy that book, right now. Not the kindle or the nook version, either. I want a big, fat hardback with your name emblazoned on the cover.

  5. Andrew- Oh. Honey, I try.

    Silverfinofhope- Pheff. I can't even imagine that. Although I am still very much in love with the woman who gave me the voice to write the book. Thank-you.

  6. "The cicadas and tree frogs are screaming. What are they screaming about? The heat? The joy of life? The existential meaningless of it all?"

    Damn, I love your blog.

  7. O.K. I laughed and loved this post. I love the expression that "hope is a chilled mandarin orange, delicious and sweet as it goes down, quickly gone." I think I read somewhere that employees are treated very well at Costco, so there's that. And my favorite question you posed was why the cicadas and tree frogs were screaming -- "The heat? The joy of life" The existential meaningless of it all?"

  8. Costco employees make a decent wage with benefits - it's a pretty good gig for what it is. I love that place (and I haven't set foot in a WalMart for 24 years).

    We're in rainy season here, though it's been a dry one, and I actually was CHILLY outside the other evening. Not missing the heat of the South right now, though at least you know it will pass eventually.

    The deer sounds very good. I used to date a man who after hunting a moose did all incarnations of meat, from moose spaghetti to corned moose. The sky's the limit with game!

  9. And these are periodic cicadas who seem VERY loud after about 13 years underground. And all that loudness is pretty much about two things. Getting it on and not being eaten in the process. The high pitch repels birds and other predators.

  10. I have never been in Walmart. I love CostCo but have only had one membership which was a gift from a Christian so it's too expensive to shop there and also my house is 600 sq.ft. so no room to put everything. But I would love a new membership and dream of the day when I have one and I can go in there and just graze on the free food that abounds in every aisle like Thanksgiving.

  11. Stephanie- They were probably mostly screaming about sex.

    Elizabeth- See above.

    NOLA- Corned moose! Wow!

    Ms. Trouble- Not the existential meaningless of it all?

    Radish King- I didn't one one damn thing they were giving out yesterday. Sometimes, though, it is a feast. "...a gift from a Christian..."
    That's why I love you so damn much.

  12. I saw a documentary on Costco and from that I learned the CEO/owner only allows himself to make a reasonable wage. From what I know of Costco they pay their employees well with benefits and a pension. Wal-Mart, none of that. The Wal-Mart owners are the richest people in the US while their employees make minimum wage or just above. No benefits. No pension.

  13. I wish to hell we had a Costco. We do not. We have Trader Joe's but it's on the other damn side of Dayton where the snobby richy rich's live.

  14. I can spot Costco shoppers a mile away. I can tell by their choice of cars, their choice of clothing, and even their hairstyles. And, I'd even venture to suggest that most of them are conservative Christians.


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