Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our Grandkitten

Celo the kitten has also come to visit us, along with his parents. He must be kept away from the dogs who believe in their deepest heart of hearts that they are the only True Animals in the world and if give half a chance, would cheerfully prove this fact by eliminating the threat which Celo presents to this theory.
Since we are all in need of a baby around here (Lily's not due until March), Celo is a joyous little representation of all things baby. Right now he has the run of the Glen Den where Jessie and Vergil and Mr. Moon are playing various Wii games and the dogs have been denied entrance which they are taking with great and stoic resignation. Since the odor of baking venison and bacon fill the air, the smell of cat is not that big a deal anyway.

Although the picture above makes the little man-cat look quite manly, in all actuality, the man-parts which used to reside in those tiny furry sacs have recently been removed. Poor Celo. Oh well. It is the right thing to do.

I have been in the kitchen, adding this and that to the meat in the oven, cutting up collards and onions and tomatoes and cucumbers and cooking field peas. I realize that I am using the same ingredients over and over again- vinegars and soy sauces and tomatoes and peppers and onions and olive oil. I suppose this will be what we might call a "theme" meal. Plus, a lot of it is LOCAL!

Here is a picture of Celo, curled up in a Mr. Moon Family antiquity on the hearth. I believe it may be a child's chamber potty.

I know it's ridiculous, but I can't stop taking pictures of the cuteness which is kitten.

Ah well. As Hank says, half of all internet usage is for porn and the other half is for kittens.

I am only doing my part.

Don't hold your breath for the porn. Jessie's booty is as close as you're likely to see here at Bless Our Hearts and for that, you may thank me.


  1. You know, at first I thought you had caught said kitten cuteness on a teeny tiny kitty potty! That'a a sweet photo. Brave kitty!

  2. My grandchildren, James and Maddie, are in love with your grandkitten! James wants a kitten too.

  3. Hahaha, Hank is damn right. I'm just glad the two things aren't combined.

    I probably text my mother a picture of one or both of my kittens every day. She's probably sadly shaking her head, wondering when I'll have a damn baby already. But, she seems to like them ;) Celo is cuddly cuteness!

  4. Now I wish I'd gone out there tonight.

  5. Now you've really gone and done it Ms. Moon........I love all critters but I am a total fool for cats and kittens. You own me now..... as if you didn't before.

  6. How about blogs? They seem to take up my time on the net. I do like kittens though and puppies. Have a good time.

  7. I'm not sure I'll be able to visit here anymore, what with all the porn and kittens.


  8. Isabella keeps saying that she wishes our cat would have kittens. I keep telling her the the vet took her kitten maker out.

  9. He is being cute on purpose. He will become evil like all other cats. Believe me, I know. I own two and would own a dozen if I could.

  10. Oh field peas, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

  11. You can tell that's one smart cat. He has an intelligent face. For years after Paris got fixed he walked around what he imagined to be gigantic balls. It was sad and funny. Just like real life.

  12. My Uncle had a granddog. Then he got a plaster statue on his front porch, in honor of the granddog (who lived in another state). It was pretty close to the size of a collie, and my Uncle always had a red scarf around granddog's neck. When my cousin closed out the estate and sold the house the buyers insisted granddog come with the house. That's how much we can like our grandanimals.

  13. Oh, how kitties steal my heart! I am fostering 4 right now. Celo is precious and yes, they are so much like naughty toddlers at times!
    If you care to visit my place you would like the Kitten antic post!
    Little Gremlins they are!
    Hope your venison is yummy and you continue to marinade in the sauce of family :)
    xo, misha

  14. Celo is adorable. Kittens are so much damn fun.

  15. grandkitten! So cute.
    And you're so funny.


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