Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweetest Morning

He's here, he's here and it's been so long since he was here and he's been running around doing everything. Horse riding, chicken feeding, smoothie drinking, animal arranging, and he has new words and he chased the chickens as they ran towards the cat food saying, "Hey! Hey! Hey!"

This early morning, when he got here, he was sweet as pink silk and he grabbed me around the neck and he looked up and said, "Stars!" and sure enough, there were stars, and I took him back to bed and told him the story of the day he came to the beach to see Mer-Mer and all the things we did and especially about the baby turtles who were so little but who swam into the great, big ocean.

And he fell asleep and so did I and here we are, awake now and he's got the big purple chinese parasol and I am saying, "Be gentle with it," and he told me it was raining. He felt "drops."
And when I asked him if he needed help with the screen door he said, "Please."

Oh yes. He is here.


  1. That's very polite at that age, saying please when no candy is involved!!

  2. What an amazing spirit this beautiful boy Owen has. I realize he was born with that, but, oh, how the love flowing from all of you nurtures it.


  3. Ahhhhh....because that is what I am feeling when I read everything is fuzzy and comfy...

    Who knows what the rest of your day shall bring...

  4. I know I don't love that little round face as much as you, but I do love it.

  5. Syd- He is. Such a good fellow.

    Gledwood- He is learning his manners. At least he will have them, even if he forgets sometimes to use them.

    Lulumarie- He loves the stars and the moon and all that the sky does hold.

    Denise- He makes it so.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- We had BIG fun.

    Stephanie- I know! Drops!

    Ellen- Many, many things. Oh boy.

    Elizabeth- As I love the faces of your babies.


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