Monday, August 1, 2011

To Early To Make Sense But Oh- The Sweetness

Quarter to six a.m. and I went to bed last night at eight something and turned off my light at nine thirty and I am so much better. My god, yesterday was hard.
Owen is coming soon, soon, and I think that we'll crawl back into bed and I'll sleep for more time.
Whatever that snuggle boy will give me.
I am a sleep monster. That's all there is to it and when I don't get enough there's no hope.
I had a headache all day yesterday- unheard of for me and not enough energy to do one damn thing I did not have to do. We went to the Opera House and I saw my brother in the radio plays and he was wonderful and they were all fantastic and then we went to a little place on the Leon County line where people come to buy beer on Sundays because Jefferson County is dry on Sundays but we just had chicken salad sandwiches and iced tea and ate on a picnic table out back and that was the most I did all day.
I want to write about the radio plays and how much fun it was to see Kathleen's nephew, Christopher, onstage.

What a precious boy!

But my precious boy will be here any minute and so there's a picture.


And now he's here and I had to get up out of the bed to write about the perfection of him, the sheer blessedness of the fact that I have been given the opportunity to love and be loved by this boy who at six a.m. gets out of the car and looks up and says, "Rain," and indeed, it is sprinkling a bit and then who says, "Stars, sky," and who holds me so close and puts his arms around my neck, his hands in my hair and pulls me close and asks for his Bop and snuggles up against me and falls back asleep, my fingers stroking his perfect skin, he breathes against me, he is the joy of my heart.

I would not mind if it rained all day, indeed it would be a beautiful thing, keep us out of the heat which beats us down and leaves us panting with exhaustion.

Another day with Owen and the roosters next door have begun to crow but I am going to ignore them and go back to bed for awhile to drink in more sleep, more healing. And so it is and so this week begins.


  1. What a beautiful beginning to the week. Thanks for sharing that scene with us. I sure miss Owen, and I sure enough already miss you too.

  2. Good morning, sweet Mary. Good morning, dear Jessie.

    Love to all.

  3. Happy you're better. You deserve a great day at home with that boy.

    I must say Kathleen looks pretty damn proud of her nephew.

  4. HoneyLuna- I MISS YOU SO MUCH! And Vergil, too, dammit. Lily said today, "I miss Jessie." We all do. I sure hope y'all are coming for the big ol' September birthday bash. I told Billy about it today. He said he'd even ask for the day off.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I love you. That's all. We all do.

    Mel's Way- She is proud of that boy. And she should be.

  5. It was a partial rainy day today. I enjoyed it.


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