Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Sleep Story

Night time and I am having the same-same feelings I was having, physically, mentally too. Not the good ones. The other ones.
Almost time for bed and that's always the blessed relief, the passive healing.
Except for the dreaming.
I think that going to Asheville changed my dreamscape a bit although the themes are the same. Finding things I did not know I owned. One of my dead friends showing up still alive.

I have made an appointment for next Tuesday to get my hair lightened up. I am still carrying around Truvy's red hair, faded but still there, growing out and looking strange. I finally realized I do not have to look this way. There are other options. And just because I am a frumpy old cracker grandma, it doesn't mean I have to do everything I can to encourage the look.

Not that the hair thing is going to matter much. After I walk in the morning my hair is soaking wet from sweat and since I keep it up all day, it stays that way until I go to bed.

I am constantly amazed that it does not mildew.

This is mostly why it feels somewhat ridiculous to spend money to get one damn thing done to my hair. What is the point?
I don't know. So I can sit around looking like an alien with my hair in foil for fucking hours, I guess.

Ah-lah. It's been a good day. Owen came and we played and played. We took a nap. Instead of singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow to get him to sleep now, I tell him The Nap Story. This works out well because I am a better story-teller than I am a singer. The Nap Story is fairly boring and repetitive and I tell it in the most soothing, droning voice and it almost always works. It starts out like this: "Once upon a time, there was a turkey named Mr. Peep. And every day, Mr. Peep would play and play all day."
It goes on from there, telling about what Mr. Peep eats and does all day and how after his lunch he gets so sleepy, and how he lies down in the cool dirt and arranges his feathers all around him and closes his Mr. Peep turkey eyes and falls asleep.
The story continues with the goats and the chickens and the dogs and the donkey and the mule and it is basically the same for every set of animals and it ends with "And once upon a time, there was a boy named Owen and every day he played and played all day."
Today we had to go through a LOT of animals, including the snake and the birds and the squirrels before he finally gave it up and closed his eyes. But he finally did.

And even though I napped too, and even though Mr. Moon played with Owen too, I am tired now and ready to go to bed. Tomorrow I will tidy up for Jessie and Vergil's arrival and go to town for groceries. I am happy to report that in the week I was gone, the smell of Dead Thing has almost disappeared. I am grateful for that. One less thing to worry about with the dear ones coming.
Not that I'm really worried about anything. They are easy. And I feel as comfortable around Vergil as I do around Jessie. He is just so GOOD, that boy. That man.

Well, I guess that's it.

Once upon a time there was an old woman named Ms. Moon and every day she played and played all day. And every day she ate tasty bugs and corn and hay...
Oh. Wait a minute. She did not eat tasty bugs and corn and hay. But she did play and play all day. And so she is SO sleepy.
And it's time for her to go lay down in her soft, soft bed and pull the covers up all around her and close her sleepy Ms. Moon eyes and go to sleep.




  1. I hope that you sleep well. I have had weird dreams for about a week. Not sure why the dead relatives are visiting me.

  2. Hope you got an excellent night's rest, and I am sorry I am late in congratulating about the new addition to the family. Very awesome news. Kyle and Owen are going to have some more similar experiences to share with the blogosphere. Take care Ms. Moon.


  3. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

  4. I love your nap story. I will try that tonight while I wish for sleep. It reminds me of the board book time to sleep where each animal mama tells their babies to go to sleep:
    Time to sleep little sheep little sheep, the whole wide world has gone to sleep..
    I know exactly what you mean about the hair, because every time I think of getting mine colored, I wonder what's the point, I wear ponytails year round anyway. But if I had half of Trudy's hair, I would do it just to get back to one kind of hair.
    I am so glad your dead smell went away. Funny, right after you blogged about it, something started to smell awful here. For days. The dog tried to give us a clue, but it was more days before I finally figured out it was in the chimney. That was a man job, and an awful one. One large dead squirrel with nest, smushed between the flue and the wall. Took the Mr. an hour to get it apart and out, I thought I wouldn't be able to live here anymore, but a day later, back to the normal smells. Thank goodness.
    I hope you have the best time with Jessie and the best naps too. Owen is going to be so glad to have her back, isn't he?

  5. Love your sleep story. I will try that with the Corn Tiger the next time I get to put him to sleep. Thanks for sharing it with us. x0 N2

    PS I do LOVE this new header. So great that she created it with a quote from your blog!

  6. You should write a few of these sleep stories for Owen and the new little one. What a treasure for them to have from you.


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