Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hallway Music

These two pictures were made by Vergil:

Sleepy, salty people making sweet music in the hallway.

How did I get so damn lucky?


  1. goosebumps have goosebumps! oxox

  2. Vergil plays cello?!?!! One of my very favorite instruments ~ don't they make beautiful music together (in more ways than one)??? What a glorious musical evening and isn't Owen cuter than ever?

  3. So nice. It is great to be salty and have music.

  4. Beautifulmous. Makes me want to be there with my violin makes me want to jumpinthewatersfine. Lovely.

  5. Thank you. That was just lovely.

  6. YAY! VIDEO!!! Makes me want to burst through the computer screen and just hug on everyone.

  7. Thank you for posting such a great collection of photos (Owen..ok...he is just ....wonderful....) and the video was the creme de la creme! Wonderful and such a treat for me as I am off to bed.

  8. Now that sounded pretty good to me!

  9. Get cracking on that book of yours Ms Moon. We need it. Your writing is too precious to not share it with the world. Small music moment becomes great. A tiny thing to make our day and submerge.
    And I do understand the worrying.

  10. Well, that was a tonic.

    I can't imagine anything more perfect that being able to play music along with my lover, so beautiful!

  11. I love the photos and your new banner. LOVE IT.

    Love you MAS,


  12. Love your talented family! Love the photos of Owen in the hat. Have enjoyed your posts so much this week--you make me laugh and also ponder deeply.

  13. What Jo said :)

    And that second picture of Owen killed me. I am dead from the cuteness.

  14. Elizabeth- Is that good? I hope so.

    Mrs. A- If there is anything cooler than handmade music, I don't know what it is.

    Saranne- Hello!

    Lulumarie- I told Vergil this morning that if this house has a voice, it sounds like the cello.

    Syd- You got it.

    Madame King- I thought of you and your violin when this was happening. I did.

    Mel- Thank-you for coming along.

    Omgrrrl- And wouldn't that have been sweet?

    Ellen- Did the notes echo in your head? They did in mine.

    Andrew- Good!

    Photocat- Oh. Oh. Oh. Thank-you.

    Jo- They met through music. What could be better?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- WELCOME BACK! DAMN! I love you MAS y MAS every day.

    Michele R- I'm glad. Thank-you.

    Stephanie- I know. It's a wonder I still walk this earth.

  15. The music. Oh what a beautiful treat! Thanks for sharing.

    Love the pics of Owen too.

  16. These are such sweet pictures. I love the way music is such a big part of your life. Not just listening to the radio, but listening to loved ones play music right before your eyes. Love it.

  17. I wonder how long it takes to drive from Knoxville to Lloyd? Your house is like something out of a Sue Monk Kidd novel.

  18. Mel's Way- I could not not-share.

    Lora- I barely listen to any music which isn't being played in my presence these days by real people. I am not sure why. But I love it.

    silverfinofhope- And you know, I do not like her books. Isn't that odd?

  19. Not odd at all. I don't like Barbara Kingslover; I think she's pompous. xoxoxoxox


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