Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Pearl In This String Of Life

A very good day and somehow I can feel a change creeping up on me. I am not sure what it means if anything, but even with my normal crazy, I am thinking things out.

I had such a good visit with my May. She is too much like me, which scares me, which delights me. Which makes me wish I could pour all of my accumulated wisdom into her heart, but I realize that her wisdom outshines mine. She brought me a silver heart locket with an oyster-found pearl in it and a note, rolled up and tucked in.
I gave her eggs and peppers and soup.

I am realizing things. I am trying to pay attention.

The electricity went out and Mr. Moon took me to supper and it was lovely. It was so sweet to go out and sit across a table from him, to order food, to share, to laugh.

Still no rain here, despite ominous skies and thunder which sent the hens scurrying.

This life. This life.

My heart.


  1. Glad that you had a date with Mr. Moon. And the locket looks nice!

  2. What gorgeous children you have, inside and out. I've often thought May looked the most like you but they all have your heart, lucky kids.

    Mark my words, Owen will be driving that tractor around the property by the time he's five!

  3. Your wonderful life and heart Ms moon, full to bursting.

  4. Nothing like a boy and his tractor!

  5. Thank you for sharing your wisdom -- for what you know and what you learn.

    Love to you.

  6. LOOOVE the photograph of Owen on the tractor. He belongs! Wished I could send some rain in a jar to you. We have too much of it, you guys have too little. It's never that easy. Enjoy the boy and keep paying attention.

  7. Much to my surprise, it poured down rain on my house last night as I was getting ready to go to bed. It didn't last very long, but it was a nice shower.

  8. I love May and I've never even met her.


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