Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nah, We Ain't Related.


  1. Watching those hands wring and wring that cloth... just... wow.

  2. I can only laugh when A's mother insists we are not related...whatever!

  3. I know how she feels on a hot day..incredible this video!

  4. Has Mr. Moon got your sink working yet?

  5. My 10 yr old just walked by and watched some and I asked if he thought we've evolved from the apes and he answered "Yes" in a tone as if, "duh".
    I enjoyed watching them and I was laughing when she used the cloth to wipe the stone. Yes, always cleaning we are.

  6. wow. Every time I see something like this, it's just a "wow".

  7. That is amazing. Loved it!

    My fiance tells a story when he was at the Calgary zoo. There was a baby chimp that kept running up and poking an older chimp who was trying to sleep. He kept doing it and on the forth time the older chimp turned around and whacked him one. The baby ran to his mom.

  8. Stephanie- I know.

    Mel's Way- That's some serious denial there. What I don't get is why? Why wouldn't we want to be related to something so magnificent?

    Ellen- Mr. Moon said, "She was probably having a hot flash."

    Lucy- All fixed and put back together beautifully!

    Michele R- Yep!

    honeyluna- I know, baby. I sure thought of you when I watched it and when I put it up, too. Love you.

    Birdie- Perfect!


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