Thursday, August 4, 2011

This Is Where I Live

Yesterday when I was taking my walk, the man I saw peeing on the road a few weeks back was standing at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 59. He was drinking a tall-boy of Miller with a straw. We nodded and I said, "Good morning."
When I was on the return loop of my walk, he was still there, drinking another beer, again with the straw.
"Hold on," he said. "I'm gonna write you a ticket for speeding."


Life in Lloyd.


  1. Love it. Small towns are so cool.

  2. Syd- And don't I know it?

    DTG- I think he's said this before. Okay, I know he has.

    Omgrrrl- Well hell. Why not? It was a very long straw.


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