Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Fun! (?)

Oh, oh, oh. We are going out on the boat today to scallop. Not me. I am going out on the boat to watch Owen. I am not buying a damn fishing license. I can dive in the water and look at the scallops and I can help clean them and I can cook them but I do not have to pluck them.
I will entertain the boy.

We were going to get an early start but that is obviously not happening. Jessie and Vergil went out after supper and they are still in bed and Lily is on her way out with Owen and I am still yawning and still wishing I did not dream as much as I do because I wake up so damn tired and mystified at what all went on in my head while I was sleeping.

Oh, little Mexican boy, why were you trying to steal my baby?


Lily and Owen are here. Jessie is up. Owen is showing his Aunt Jessie how he rides his horse. Lily is eating yogurt.
We need to pull this rodeo together, fighting through the heat and torpor and the oppressiveness which is Sunday.

We are going to have a GOOD TIME!



  1. I hate you guys so frickin much.
    daddy b

  2. Mmmmmmm....scallops.

    Broiled on the half shell with shredded parmesan and real butter.


  3. Hunting for scallops! I didn't know that's how you got them -- well, have a wonderful morning. And I love the word "torpor."

  4. Have a good time. Hot is the word here.

  5. I dream constantly and vividly too. I think it's the damn antidepressants.

    Love you so.

  6. I've been having crazy dreams myself lately. So many, in fact, that I keep a dream journal on my nightstand.


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