Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lloyd, August 20, 2011

Elvis keeping watch over his flock by day.

Setting sun through dogwood leaves.

Lizard on screen.

Mr. Moon on tractor he got running today.

He called me FROM THE GARAGE and said, "Got anything you need bush-hogged?"
"Uh. No. Do you think I have anything that needs bush-hogging?"
"What? Your bush doesn't need hogging?"
"Honey, no. My bush is fine."
"Well I'm going to bush-hog that place where you dump the weeds."
"But sweetie, all those nice flowering weeds are there. They're blooming. They hold the dirt in. They don't need bush-hogging."
"Well I'm going to bush-hog something."
"Okay, darling. You bush-hog whatever you want."

Men. And their toys.

God love 'em.


  1. "Your bush doesn't need hogging?"
    And Vergil wonders why I have such a dirty mind.

  2. HoneyLuna- Blame it on your father. I am a modest, chaste individual. I promise you. (Tee-hee) I love you, darling. Vergil should thank his lucky stars.

  3. Wow, I'm gonna start using that expression...and ride around on a Ford tractor. Damn-bush-hogging. Yeah!

  4. I am laughing and smiling and I am going to thank you for that! Sometimes I just need to go read your blog...way better than a novel.

    Now go take some photos of Mr. Moon doing the "bush hogging"!

  5. When Mr. moon said that about a bush needing to be hogged, it would have been good to say come on over and let's .............( fill in blanks.)

  6. Should've said -last I heard, you've been hogging my bush since our wedding day ;)

  7. Ellen- Oh my Lord, no!

    Nicol- He's a funny guy, that Mr. Moon.

    Syd- Thanks for the advice, Mr.!

    SJ- And way before, too.

  8. My dad bought a tractor, why I don't know. Since we bought the new house he wants to come over and rip shit out. We have a tree that my fiance and dad want to rip out but I already named the tree. Her name is Brianna and she is full of chickadees so I won't let them. They are already grunting something about topping it. Men have a in-bred desire to dig and cut things down.

    As for bushes needing hogging, well I just will keep my yap shut on that one.

  9. I love that he called you from the garage. As for the bush, well that's your problem. Love that man!

  10. Grinning from ear to ear here. I can SO hear this conversation. I have a bush hogger at home too. Only seven tool boxes in the garage... But IF you need something done, you can bet on it that Mr Wonderful has the tool. We are known for it in the surroundings.
    Mr Moon looks happy enough. Look at him all proud and fierce on that tractor. Adorable. As a previous commenter said I believe: Men and their toys!

  11. Birdie- Men are not like women, are they? We name trees, they want to pull them out.

    Mel's Way- I do not see my bush as being any problem whatsoever!

    Photocat- He is back on the tractor as we speak. I don't think he's doing one thing but enjoying it.

  12. I spent our first warm months on "the farm" trying to find someone to bush-hog for me. What ever must people think!

  13. I don't know what bush-hogging means when it's not being dirty. But I like thinking dirty thoughts as well, so maybe I just won't look it up.

    (I don't get people who don't have dirty minds.)

  14. Mr. Moon looks absolutely right and perfect on that tractor. So sez SB.

    Love youse.


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