Saturday, August 1, 2015

She'll Be Holding Down The Fort

My packing helper.
If this means she doesn't want me to leave, my heart is broken.
Hank will give her lots of love and plenty of Friskies.
I'm almost packed. Mr. Moon is still figuring out his fishing gear.
I want to GO!
I've packed everything that fits. I'm ready.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think this means 'If I fits, I sits'. No heartbreak :)

  2. I think this means 'If I fits, I sits'. No heartbreak :)

  3. Maurice is just being a cat - curious and fur-leaving. She wants you to take a little of her with you. Not all, mind you. Just enough to stick to your best clothes.

    "I took everything that fits." I know that kind of packing!

    I wish for you and Mr. Moon a relaxing, sustaining, soul-filling week.

  4. I hate to be the first one to tell you this, Ms. Moon. But that pile on the right side of the suitcase will definitely NOT fit. I think you better try again.

  5. She doesn't want you to leave--but she also doesn't know you're leaving. She knows something's up, she knows the physical environment has changed in some intriguing (to a cat) way, and she wants to be insinuate herself into the changes. And it's not even the softness of the suitcase contents; put an area rug on a wood floor, and a cat will crouch on it--but put a sheet of plywood on a carpeted floor, and a cat will crouch on that too.
    If you'd evolved to live in a lair, constantly on the alert for signs of enemy intrusion, you'd be obsessed by minute changes in your surroundings, too.

    --Awesome Cat Mama

  6. Marking things with her scent. They are so smart. Ours sure know when something is up and hide when it is time to go to the vet's office. LOL. Have fun!

  7. Is Hank bringing his cat along? And if not who looks after Hank's cat? Does that person have a cat? Do you pack your own pillow? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. Pets always know when someone is about to depart. Olga knows when I'm leaving, too. And she always looks downcast until I walk out the door and then (according to Dave) she's totally fine and it's as if I was never there. Animals live in the moment!

  9. Dear sweet kitty...of course she doesn't want you to leave...but she will be well taken care of by Hank while you have the holiday you deserve!

  10. I think a bitch wanted to go along! SO DO I, but I guess that wouldn't be very romantic.




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