Sunday, August 9, 2015

The boys are coming and I am scrambling to try and get some sort of order established here before they do but that is a bit ridiculous and overall, I feel like a diver coming up through the different colors and currents of water to break through to the surface. 
I have been swimming blissfully along the bottom, a mermaid unconcerned with what we call life, simply enjoying the feel of the water on my skin, and yet here I am and there are things to be done and a world which has been spinning and dancing all around me, above me, and it is time to come back and attend to it all. 
Good morning. 
I am surfacing. 
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good morning. Whatever is will be just fine because all those boys will see if their beloved MerMer and Boppy.

  2. And, I imagine by tomorrow you will be thanking the stars that you are home in your nest and have all your fledgelings around you once again. Don't forget to watch the shooting stars streak across the sky all night tonight!!

  3. welcome back to the ranch!



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