Monday, August 10, 2015

Doing My Best

I am being a goddammed doe-mestic goddess today. I am moving slowly but I am getting it done, y'all. I have gone to the store and bought healthy food and swept floors and done more laundry and cleaned sinks and taken all the trash and recycle to the trash place. 
I am trying to turn over a new leaf in the dietary department. It is time. No more Cuban sandwiches for me. (Sob.) the cheese consumption and meat consumption and overall consumption consumption needs to be cut way down. I mean, when you start considering Cheez-It's to be a fairly reasonable snack food it may possibly be time to reevaluate your life. 
Know what I mean? 
So that's why I bought all the healthy food and I made hummus a little while ago and pressed tofu and now am freezing it to later bake in the oven (I know- that's ridiculous but if you soak a little soy sauce on it before you bake it, it's not bad) for handy protein snacks and of course I boiled a bunch of eggs and peeled them for the same reason.  
I have vegetables and fruit and all that healthy shit and I truly do intend to eat it.  
So I've been a good little girl today and I'm sure that after eating well for two days I'll be wondering why all of my clothes don't magically fit again. 
This is not MY first rodeo. 
I know how I am. 
I'm too old to go on a "diet" and am absolutely not going to give up entire food groups but I CAN certainly make better choices. 
 Sweet Baby Jesus, help me with your love!

So anyway, that's how it's going today. And I feel quite cheerful and tomorrow I'm going to the river to swim with the two pregnant ladies and the grands and Hank and then on Wednesday we're going to find out if Gibson and Owen are going to get a baby sister or whether they are going to be two-thirds of the Ninja Brothers. 
Oh my god. I still can't even believe that Jessie's pregnant and that little boy will be here in about six weeks!
Quite frankly, I find it hard to believe she's old enough to even go to college although she graduated years ago. 
And Lily's going to have her third child? What?! What?!

Life really does just keep on rolling, doesn't it? And proud Mary keep on burning. 

And if I was on my laptop I would insert the video here of Mick Jagger and Tina Turner singing that song. 

But I'm not. Look it up if you've got the notion.

It's a great video. 

Love...Ms. Moon 


  1. Oh, I am trying to get the motivation to eat better too, and it is just killing me ... I did the same back in February and did well for quite a while but when my back was turned those cravings snuck up behind me and BAM ...

    How do you make your tofu snacks? Were the complete instructions just to drain, add soy sauce, freeze and bake?

  2. Eating better is a process. One day at a time. You grow such wonderful stuff, and what with the venison and the fish, you're doing great, And the eggs!!!-- but uh, Cheez-Its ain't food. I don't know if you should even feed them to the chickens.
    Sending love.

  3. It is time for dietary change here too. It ain't my first rodeo either, I just have to dig down deep and do it. Gail

  4. My youngest is five today and I can't fathom that. The whole children having children business blows my mind. Well done you for being healthy! I'm about to decorate a chocolate birthday cake... But I'm trying to not nibble too much myself.

  5. I actually really like tofu, and it's not something I commonly find for sale in England. I used to make sandwiches out of it. I never tried baking it but that sounds pretty good too!

    I try to eat healthy despite Dave's meat-and-butter tendencies. I am only moderately successful.

  6. "I am being a goddammed doe-mestic goddess today" - just one single example of how you make me smile.

  7. I am utterly lacking in motivation. the grandboy (who is 18 and I can't believe that little baby boy is 18!) will be here this weekend for his second long weekend.

  8. Well of course I'm singing the song now.

    I am just so glad there are going to be even more Moon babies to spread their love in the world. Woah, six weeks!


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