Sunday, August 16, 2015

And We Grow

More news, more news, more news!
My darling May's best friend and sweetheart asked her if she would do him the honor of marrying him.
And she said yes.

They have talked about getting married for awhile but May had firmly told her Michael that he had to ask her properly and he had to have a ring. 
And so together they picked out the ring she wanted and before they went to brunch today, he asked her to be his bride and there you are. 
May and Michael. Michael and May. 
Sounds right, doesn't it? 

Oh my and oh my and here we go, another new adventure and may they always be happy together and always stand close together and always make each other laugh and always make each other feel loved. 

She doesn't want a big wedding but she does want a real wedding and they are thinking maybe sometime in March after all the babies are born. I offered for her to have the wedding here and she said, "Oh Mama, I wouldn't do that to you."

She's a funny girl, that one. And thoughtful, too. 
But truthfully, if they decided they wanted to do it here, that would be just fine with me. 

Well, here we are. My children will just NOT stop proceeding with their lives and of course I would not have it any other way. It just all seems so impossible sometimes to connect the moments of their births to the present. Each of my children's births were so incredibly powerful in my life that it was indeed as if time stood still for those moments. The most powerful and meaningful and fulfilling of my entire life and I am not ashamed to say that. How can anything be as magnificent as creating life and cradling that life in your arms for the first time, looking into the eyes of the brand new, freshly born baby and feeling as if you have known this person your entire life?
I swear to you, I almost felt as if this moment, these moments were eternal and perhaps, in some ways they were, but still, life goes on and I put my babies to the breast and that was when it all really began and in less time than it takes a meteor to streak across the sky, they are grown and getting married and having babies of their own and doing all sorts of amazing things. 
And it leaves me breathless.
And filled with mysterious wonder. 
And joy.

Welcome, Michael. We think you are the smartest man in the world to want to make May your wife. She is, as you know, precious and brilliant and beautiful and amazing. 

Now- let us see what wonder and joy come your way. 
And as you make a family of your own through your love for each other, never forget that you are now part of this thing, this wholeness, this family, which is also your family now. There is love on all sides and we embrace you and surround you with that love. 

And great, good happiness. 

Love...Ms. Mama MerMer Mary Moon


  1. I think it would be just about perfect getting married on your little space of heaven. If it is not to be a big wedding and all the people she and her partner love most it would not be too much stress.

  2. I forgot to say

    ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♥♥ Congratulations!♥♥ •*¨*•.¸¸♥

  3. Oh! How wonderful is that?! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

  4. This is so incredibly sweet! What a wonderful welcome for Michael to the family. Congratulations to you all!

  5. That is great news! Happy for them. I somehow think that you have the best family.

  6. Oh Mary, the joy and abundance continues! What a beautiful family you have brought into being. Your tree is flourishing!

  7. Mary, you know all those birthday wishes when you wish for More, I think they're coming true. This is such wonderful and exciting news! I'm so happy for your May and her Michael. I know what you are feeling, my daughter Julie is getting married next month. Julie and Jeffery. It sounds right to me too. It has been such a sweet experience and also a diversion from the tragedy in our lives last year. Magic and tragic... oh the mysteries of life. Here's to more and more and happily ever after!

  8. My gosh, the joys never cease. How wonderful for May and Michael and your whole family! Congratulations to everyone! So exciting! Like Sydney, I think you have the best family too and wgphat a beautiful welcome you have written to Michael. I shall never forget I'm adopted!

  9. Congrats to precious May! I still miss her blog!

  10. Beautiful!! Congratulations to you all!! ♡♡♡

  11. Yay! You are just full-to-bursting with good news these days, Ms. Moon. I love the idea of May and Michael having a wedding at your house, but wherever it is, I'm sure it will be beautiful. :)

  12. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  13. More wonderful news! Congratulations to May and Michael. Gail

  14. the cycle of life continues. I envy you the new babies coming. no more babies for me...daughter and her husband have been done with that for 14 years and son and his wife have never conceived. and yes, giving birth was the most magnificent thing I have ever done. hard work, for sure, but when it was over I was euphoric.

  15. Oh Mama, we just read this together. You make us so happy. Thank you for welcoming Michael to the family. Thank you for making our beautiful family. I love you so very much. So very much.

  16. I love how you love your babies. I just do.
    Congratulations to May and Michael, may they have a lifetime of happiness!

  17. Ohhh May! Congratulations!

    Wow, Mary. Hearts are blessed and blessed these days, round your way. xxx

  18. Most excellent! Kisses to May and Michael.

  19. Congratulations all of you!!! X

  20. i love how your circle continues to grow and spread more joy into the world.

    wonderful wonderful stuff.


  21. What abundance – congratulations!

  22. Oh WOW! Congrats to beautiful May. How exciting.
    And your writing made me teary.
    Love. love. love.

  23. Or er, I guess you're supposed to say congrats to the man? I'm just HAPPY. But that man sure is lucky (and must be pretty special) to find himself in your family.

  24. What fabulous news for the family and Michael and May! So happy for you all. x's and 0's all around N2

  25. My heart could not be happier that Mike and May are getting married.
    May is a beautiful person with kind and gentle soul as is my Mike.
    What a wonderful world . . .


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