Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy In The Heart

When I was on vacation, Mr. Moon and I stopped in at a restaurant down in Stuart and right outside the ladies' room, there was the picture you see above. It is actually a picture of a painting and my heart just stopped when I saw it because if there is ever in this world a Ms. Moon Dream House, that would be it. I'd need a few more trees and some chickens running about, but that could be easily remedied. And then I realized last night that one of my favorite Facebook pages, A Tropical Frontier, has the a picture of the same house, but of a different perspective as it's header.

Indeed, one of Mr. Robnson's books, also entitled A Tropical Frontier, has the same photograph on its cover.

I have left a comment for Mr. Robinson to ask who the artist might be. And I sure do need to order that book. And doing a little search, I see that there are several books in this series and I think I would love them all. 
Oh, how I do love the internet and the way things seem to come together and lead down other paths and then circle back and whet and satisfy curiosity, all at once. 

But back to that house. 

Yes. I wonder if it still stands. And that poinciana tree. Glory hallelujah!

Well, it's Sunday morning, trembling on the verge of Sunday afternoon and the big breakfast has been made and eaten and cleaned up after and laundry is going and I am about to start back to work on my baby blanket. I could not be happier. 

Until the actual baby arrives. Soon, soon, SOON! 

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is a GLORIOUS house! It's also rather as I fantasize.

    Have you watched Death in Paradise on Netflix? I watch it mostly for the scenes of the house where he was placed. It is incredible.

  2. That looks like a painting by the highwaymen. That would be my dream house too, maybe with a dishwasher. So exciting that the baby will be here soon. Gail

  3. That is a beautiful house, but it looks a lot like yours, except you have the chickens and trees. You're living in your dream house, I think.

  4. Yeah, it would be wonderful to be near the sea, but maybe not quite *that* near!

  5. I think the places we dream about really do exist. We just have to be patient.
    Great news on the new little soul about to enter the world! What a lucky baby.

  6. I would live happily in that dear little cottage.

  7. NOLA- No. I have not seen that but there are certainly movies and things I've watched in which the house they were set in were characters of and in themselves.

    Gail- That thought struck me as well! I am curious to see if Mr. Robinson will answer me.

    Angella- Yes. Absolutely. Except for, you know, the ocean right outside my door.

    Jo- It is a little close. Hurricanes might be scary.

    Chrissy- Hello, Ms. Silver Fin! How have you been, my love?

    Leisha- Hello and welcome! You must have come over to visit from John Grey's! I am so happy to have you here! And isn't that the dearest little cottage? Yes. I think it is.

    1. Thank you for your lovely welcome and I have enjoyed your lovely blog for some time.

  8. A sweet cottage. Like the style a lot. We talk about down sizing, but I think we are here for the duration. The house is just so large for the two of us.

  9. That looks just like YOUR house right now, except for the chickens and the trees and of course, the ocean right outside the door!

  10. Those are some great Florida paintings. The second one, the book cover, is signed "Hutchinson," but I have no idea who that could be. I'll be interested to hear if the author writes you back. (And I think I'd like that book, too -- as if I didn't already have enough to read!!)

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  12. And to follow up on Steve's great eye, here is a link to the artist's website:

    Dontcha love the internet?!

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