Sunday, August 30, 2015


It's Sunday therefore I sort of hate everything. Especially the internet. No, wait. I hate ME on the internet. Also my knee. I hate my knee. I think it's about to fall out again. It feels like there's no structural integrity in it. I rolled over last night and it went whompy.
Not good. Not good at all.
I sort of hate Maurice who is still in bed, snuggled UNDER the covers.
I hate that Mr. Moon's about to mow which will be noisy as hell.
I hate that Oliver Sachs died.
I hate that Donald Trump is even a thing.
I hate the cereal I bought in a fit of trying-to-eat-all-healthy-and-shit. Fucking twigs. Do I look like a chimpanzee?
Don't answer that.
I hate that I have to call my NP this week to get my biodenticals renewed. I REALLY hate that.

But damn you, Sunday. You have to look like this today.

And give me this:

The first hurricane lily.

Why you have to be so pretty and not too hot? Why you have to give me merry chirping crickets and silly quacking duck? Why you have to make me want to go outside and weed?

Fuck you, Sunday. I will not love you no matter what you do or how you look or smell or sound. I will not. No. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm having the same kind of day...bright sunshine, my hummingbirds flitting all around, and the birds chirping. And I want to crawl back in bed and cover my head! I've had severe leg cramps for days, and the potassium my hubby went out and got at 10 pm the other night has done nothing but make me sick to my stomach. I want it to be rainy and gloomy....just how I feel. I hope the day gets better for both of us!

  2. hmmm. maybe i need bioidenticals. i think you suggested this before.

  3. Oh, get out there and weed already, you know you want too! Hugs...

  4. Yeah. I totally hear you.

    Thank god for Mother Nature.

  5. I hear you. It's kind of a nightmare of a Sunday here, too -- way, way too hot and nothing going on or worth going to. I wonder if when I submit this boring comment, it'll appear three times on your blog like my last comment did. What's up with that?

  6. Aw, dear lady! I totally see you stomping round the garden kicking stuff and shaking your fist at the beauty.

    I hope your Guess I'll Go Eat Worms mood shifts to something funner.

    Love you xx

  7. I was here earlier and my laptop decided to do an update and my comment was lost. I hate updates. Why do they have to be everyday and why do they have to take so long?

    I also did some decluttering today and I came across an old plastic bag. It was one of those biodegrade ones and now my bedroom has thousands of pieces of plastic everywhere. I hate that too. And I hate that the word decluttering shows up as a spelling error.

  8. Jeez, I hope things will get better for you as the day unfolds, incl. that awful stuff about the knee. But I am ready to blame all and everything on that Trump geezer.

  9. I wrote a comment and it did not show up so I'm meant to hide today. Feel better Ms. Moon.

  10. Catrina- That potassium thing is just awful! I hope your day got better. I really do!

    Angella- They are part of what has saved my life. I really believe that.

    Big Mamabird- I did. Oh, Lord. I did.

    Denise- I would just die without being able to be outside in the dirt.

    Elizabeth- I have wonky blog commenting things going on. I'm so sorry.

    Jo- You made me laugh.

    Birdie- Arrggghhh. That sounds like a fucking mess. I hope that you, unlike me, have a vacuum cleaner. Macs don't do that updating thing. They just very politely ask you if you want to do them. If you don't, they just come back and ask another day.

    Sabine- Let's blame it ALL on Trump. Why not?

    Joanne- That makes me sad. I'm sorry.

  11. Bioidenticals, yes. I need to get me some. Sounds like you trying to hold onto a perfectly good grump and the world is conspiring to steal it away from you. I hate when that happens.

  12. I found my hurricane lilies today too but not because they popped up. I found them when I was digging in that bed and forgot they were there. I only have three but I managed to chop one in half. I just slapped the two halves back together and planted them back in the ground. either it grows or it doesn't.

  13. Methinks thou dost protest too much!


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