Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I spoke with Owen today on the phone. I told him that Boppy and I go swimming every day and every night. He said, "Please, God, tell me you're not swimming naked."

I also saw the biggest alligator today that I've ever seen in the wild. That fucker had to be ten or twelve feet long. He was a monster! That was on our boat cruise. The funny thing was, was that our co-pilot, a self-proclaimed pirate (he had skull rings on every finger) from Massachusetts, had been going on and on and on about gators. He made it sound like the leading cause of death in Florida is alligator attack. And then when a eight-year old girl spied that gator, the pirate almost passed out. 
It was mighty big. 
We also saw dolphins and a turtle and an entire jungle peninsula fitted with off-the-grid technology for the huge house on it  which was for sale for 2.4 million dollars. 
I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen for me but so far I haven't figured it out. It does come with a private road. 
And I saw Arlo Guthrie's house. Yep. He lives on the Indian River. 


I also saw the prettiest little black snake but that was right here by the dock. He slipped silently away into the downed palmettos like a dream's shadow. 

Right now I'm on that dock, watching the river, the sunset. Mullet jump and flying fish leap-fly across the smooth water. My husband has gone to the store to get a few things including a new jig-saw puzzle. Turns out that 350 pieces is perfect for us. We finished one today. 
I've cracked and cleaned the rest of the crab from last night's supper and I'm going to make a salad with it. 

I am so well fed and so well-loved so filled to the top and overflowing with all of this. The dragonflies dance over the lush green grass leading down to the lake, the clouds are building what might as well be the temples of Olympus in the setting sun sky, and for the moment the only things I hear are flap of bird wings, the soft summer sound of the crickets singing the sun to bed and the liquid splash after fish fly through air. 

Oh, Owen. Yes. Boppy and Mer do swim naked and my wish for you is that when you are our age, you will too. And that you will have someone you love to swim with you in some place which is as beautiful and pristine and relatively untouched as this. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Somehow I think Owen already knows. His comment didn't come out of nowhere. It all sounds divine.

  2. I love that Owen knows that you swim naked. I hope he carries this beautiful memory with him until he has a life partner he can swim naked with.

    2.4 million? Who exactly does have that much money? Not I. I don't even have 10% of that. 5% but I would have to sell my house.

  3. That Owen is too much! I am happy I have a privacy fence and short neighbors on the other side of that fence. Gail

  4. Swimming naked is the best! I want to have somewhere to go to swim naked with Babes. He's very Scottish, so even in Spain a few years back when I swam naked he didn't because theoretically the neighbours could look over the fence. I love lying in the sun and drying off naked as well.

  5. we sleep naked and our grandkids think it's weird. we'd swim naked too if we had some place to do it. sounds like a dreamy place.

  6. What a beautiful photo!

    And wonderful sentiments.

  7. OMG.
    You are in paradise.

  8. The photo is breathtaking. I am house sitting somewhere where I can swim naked. It is lovely.


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