Saturday, August 22, 2015

She Was Loved Up Real Good

It was a most beautiful day. And the very best baby shower.
There was so much delicious food and so many loving people and so much fun and so much laughter and a few tears. There were presents both practical and magical. There was prayer-flag-painting and there was alphabet book illustrating. There were all of my children. And my dearest friends. Jessie's friends and her fairy godmothers and a fairy godfather and her fairy god aunts and I can't imagine anything better.

And then the very best supper with the sweetest people in the world after martinis. We miss Mr. Moon but he is happy, I am sure, out in the swamps and on the rivers. 

Honestly. The sweet goodness of it all has been just swoony. A precious gift, you might even say.
(And I swear I had no idea that paper with the headline was there when I took the picture. It just was.)

And it's almost ten o'clock and this old lady, this old MerMer, is just about to get in bed. 

Night, y'all. See you tomorrow. Jessie and Vergil are coming out for breakfast. 
There will be bacon.

All love...Ms. Moon


  1. A perfect gift, indeed. I am glad it was a lovely time for all.

  2. Oh, I LOVE these! The one of both your beautiful pregnant daughter's is my favorite. It sort of makes me want to cry.

  3. Oh, I LOVE these! The one of both your beautiful pregnant daughter's is my favorite. It sort of makes me want to cry.

  4. Oh, I LOVE these! The one of both your beautiful pregnant daughter's is my favorite. It sort of makes me want to cry.

  5. What a delightful day! I agree with Elizabeth, the photo of Lily and Jesse is a tear jerker. But so is the one of May and Jesse...

  6. Terrific photos of a wonderful day. I love Jessie's dress! Maternity clothes have certainly come a long way, haven't they? I wondered if that newspaper article was some kind of reference to the day's events. :)

  7. I had a good day yesterday too visiting with my sister-in-law, niece, and greatniece, my sister, my daughter, and the twin grandgirls. it was a girl day. And then my kitchen sink became completely stopped up. no boiling water or plunging could overcome it. have to call the plumber tomorrow so no late big breakfast here today.

  8. That looks like the quintessential perfect baby shower. Both of your pregnant daughters just absolutely glow! Such a beautiful family.

    And now bacon! I was just wondering what to cook for breakfast.

  9. Such perfection. Through and through.

    Those beautiful girls of yours.

    I'm so glad you started blogging, Mary, a family like yours should be shared with everyone.

  10. Birdie- It really was.

    jenny_o- I can't imagine how it could have been better.

    Elizabeth- I can't quite get over the magnificence of the fact of them both being pregnant at the same time. It's just...breathtaking for me.

    Joanne- My greatest good happiness comes from seeing how my children all love each other so much. It's simply splendid and a joy.

    Steve Reed- It was an article about Jimmy Carter!!!

    Mwa- Thank you!

    Ellen Abbott- Fuck plumbing problems! I hope yours is solved by now.

    liv- Aren't I so lucky? And hey- bacon is so very often the answer. To any question.

    Jo- And I am so glad you are a part of it all. Thank you.

  11. The photo of Lily and Jessie together is just astonishingly beautiful. I swear, Mary Moon, I get to watch life itself unfolding before my eyes when I come here. I remember when Lily was pregnant with Gibson, now a robust handsome boy-boy. And I remember when Jessie got married, and I cried for joy as if you were my own family. And now this moment, this magical, breathtaking moment, in which two of your girls are about to make you an grandmother again, and another is soon to be married. Life. Love. Connection. Laughter. Joy. This is everything. Right here.


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