Saturday, August 29, 2015

Romance And Time Travel

It's Saturday night and all is well and all is right, right here in Lloyd. The rain has ceased but the sky's still gray, gentle silver with the setting sun behind the clouds.
It's been a fine and cozy day and there was a nap on clean sheets and I'm thinking my sweetheart is just about all rested up.

The beautiful roses he gave me before he left finally bowed their heads in defeat today and I gathered them and the zinnias that were with them in vases on the hallway altar and took them outside to become one with the earth again. The chickens, who were sitting on the kitchen porch

followed me out to the flower graveyard and petals dropped as we walked. They thought that perhaps I was carrying them a treat, although sadly, I was not.

Perhaps, though, the rose petals inspired thoughts of romance in Mick because he jumped on Camellia and for once, I had the phone-camera at the ready and took this picture.

Breathe in, breathe out. It is done. Luna looks on. 
The way roosters take their hens with their wings spread over all reminds me so much of Dracula, spreading his cloak over himself and his victim. 

The rooster even bites the neck of the hen as he fucks her and no, it is not pretty but as I have said, it is quick. I have a strong feeling that the early directors of the Dracula films grew up around chickens and as a child was terrified and haunted by their sex. 
At least the rooster does not take the hens' souls nor does he leave them as the undead. They merely ruffle and rearrange their feathers and get on with life. 

And so it goes. I hear a hawk calling and Mick has responded with a warning to the ladies to watch out for predators in the sky. I have the soup warming up and have cut new zinnias to replace the dead flowers. 

I will be so sad when they are all gone. There is absolutely nothing that says happy in a visual way like zinnias. When I was cutting them, I noticed that there are even more purple hull peas to pick. Perhaps we have not eaten the last of them quite yet after all. I have a huge yearning to get out in that garden and weed. If tomorrow affords me the possibility, I will do that. 

One more picture. 

The two old sisters, Mabel and Trixie, sitting together in a pot of split-leaf philodendron. How I love their dinosaur eyes, their dinosaur feet, their dinosaur gait, their soft black feathers. If dinosaurs really did have feathers then there is nothing I would love more than to be able to go back, back, back in time to see one, glinting and shimmering and iridescent in the sun which still rises every day on this planet which has seen so much. 

Another wild Saturday night here in North Florida. 

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm glad that you aren't getting any tropical system. Glad to have that near threat no longer one. Enjoying a quiet Saturday night here. Tired after all day in the state capitol.

  2. I totally love the idea that birds are modern day dinosaurs. anyone who is around chickens can see how they most definitely are. seems to me they could do dna testing to determine the evolution. I wish my zinnias did half as well as yours. OK, next spring I will have a new bed just for them and they will get a ton of sun and I will plant lots. I love zinnias.

  3. I have a whole wheelbarrow full of zinnias this year and yes, they are so pretty. If it wasn't pouring rain right now I would go and pick some. Maybe I will go and pick some anyway.

  4. Syd- What the hell were you doing there? Please tell.

    Ellen Abbott- Oh, it s a true scientific fact that chickens are dinosaurs' closest living relatives. They have ALL of the DNA. My zinnias just absolutely sprung forth this year. I have no idea why.

    Birdie- Did you?

  5. Chickens are such interesting creatures to observe aren't they ? Love the photos , So true about the similarities of roosters and Dracula.

  6. This is a whole lot of nature -- maybe a tad too much for a city girl like me.

  7. This is a whole lot of nature -- maybe a tad too much for a city girl like me.

  8. This is a whole lot of nature -- maybe a tad too much for a city girl like me.

  9. I don't think you have to go back in time. They're right there on your porch! (As you basically said.)

    That is quite a pose with the spread wings. I think pigeons do that too. I know I've seen it somewhere, and I haven't been privy to witness any mating chickens.


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