Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weather and The Bone

The old hidden cemetery in the woods.

When I got up this morning and walked outside I could hardly believe I was in the same world as the one I went to sleep in last night. The temperature had dropped quite a bit and the crickets were silent. Everything was so still and quiet, not one hint of a breeze. It felt almost ominous. 

It's hurricane season and that has us all on edge at least a tiny bit. Danny fizzled out but Erika is right behind him and they are saying that conditions are more favorable for the building of her strength and longevity.

Oh! The dreaded cone. Which we know means nothing and yet, we all pay attention. 
And if you want to know how confusing the information on hurricane prediction is, how one model completely disagrees with another, check out this website.
It is an inexact science, to say the very least. 
Perhaps it will just be a nice tropical storm which brings some much needed water to Puerto Rico and Cuba. 
Only time will tell. 

As with all things.

But in the meantime, it feels so nice. There is still no breeze but the temperature is barely above eighty. A virtual cold wave for us! The crickets are quieter but that is because their chorus registers the temperature- the higher the temperature, the more rapid their chirping. 
Here is the formula given by The Old Farmer's Almanac to calculate temperature by counting cricket chirps:

To convert cricket chirps to degrees Fahrenheit, count number of chirps in 14 seconds then add 40 to get temperature.
Example: 30 chirps + 40 = 70° F
To convert cricket chirps to degrees Celsius, count number of chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3, then add 4 to get temperature.
Example: 48 chirps /(divided by) 3 + 4 = 20° C

I love shit like that. We can not only feel the temperature, we can hear it. And all of this data which our senses record is actually quite powerful, whether we are paying attention or not. 

And so it goes. 

I must correct something I wrote yesterday. The name of the new restaurant at the truck stop is not "Bones" but "The Bone."

Which makes me laugh and makes me think of this.

Which is my song, of course. Worst video ever made, quite possibly, but the song always makes me smile.

Have a lovely day.

Much Love To All...Mary Moon
(Not a vegetarian. But my long skirts do blow in a transcendental wind.)


  1. Our local guy who knows all about weather and writes about it, Cliff Mass, generally says the European models are better than ours. They have more supercomputers than the US involved in modelling.
    It's amazing when the temperature drops at long last. We spent some time in North Carolina and thought we would perish in the summer.

  2. My Dad's restaurant on Block Island was named Dead Eye Dick's. I didn't know there was a band. Was listening to the crickets last night on a friend's porch. Love this new information!

  3. Coincidence, that song? Or do they know you?

  4. Allison- It's just such an abrupt change. I mean, it's hardly chilly.
    As to the models- I have no real trust in any of them. Throw a dart at one. There you go. But you may be right about the European one- I really have no idea.

    Bethany- Yep. Crickets tell the temperature. Isn't that amazing?

    Sarah- They don't know me. I swear!

  5. dancing with you in that transcendental wind, skirts swirling.

  6. Ahh Mary Moon enjoy that transcendtenal wind.....

  7. I cannot imagine how it feels to be be really worried about the weather... How lucky we are

  8. I don't think I ever knew that about cricket chirps. Nature is incredible, isn't it?!

    I'll have to watch that video later, because I'm at work. But "The Bone" doesn't sound to me like the BEST name for a restaurant. Unless it's a restaurant for dogs.


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