Sunday, August 2, 2015

Precious, Precious, Precious

Love is in the air.
It's so nice to have a cabana boy. He is taking such good care of me, cleaning the kitchen, being my midnight-swim sweetie. This morning, while we ate our breakfast by the pool, we watched that little guy up there doing his pushups and puffing his throat to attract a lady lizard. One came along and we shamelessly observed them as they foreplayed, as she scuttled, as he chased. We ate our eggs and listened to the bamboo, the birds. One of them sounds like a monkey. Hell, maybe it IS a monkey. I would never be surprised to see any animal in Roseland. Monkey, hippo, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mastodon, TARZAN!
Honey, it could happen.

Alien succulent. Never seen a thing like that in my life.

Another lizard. I am afraid these are invasive in that I never saw them here when I lived here as a child.
Sort of like the gozillions of people who have moved here. 
Not here, here, but in surrounding areas. 
Invasive species. 
Not judging. Just saying.
More pictures.

My biggest problem is deciding where to sit. 
Fountain courtyard? Poolside? Jungle nook? Dock on the river?
I've visited them all this morning. 

Well. We have big plans. We're going to go try to find a jigsaw puzzle. Later Mr. Moon is going to try to net some mullet.

I'll let you know how all that goes. 

Somehow Sunday isn't bothering me a bit today.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That first picture is expecially interesting. Not just the lizard but I was thrown off visual track by the beautiful curves of the vase, not completely knowing what it was at first.

  2. Tell me the name of this place! We'll be in Florida for the winter and I feel I must take in this gorgeousness! I'm sitting on our covered deck, with the ceiling fan and a floor fan on high, sweating like a pig! 93 degrees with matching humidity is wreaking havoc on my attempts at a 'dewy' look!

  3. As long as Mr. Moon doesn't decide to *grow* a mullet!

  4. sounds like you have an awful lot planned for the day. are you sure you want to try and accomplish that much? and if you think that succulent is alien now, wait til the flowers open.

  5. Aw, love it. You should go on holiday on Sundays more often.

  6. It is so good to have a geographic cure. I am taking one tomorrow on the boat. Happiness for sure.

  7. That place looks lovely. I think those are invasive lizards, I don't see many green ones around here anymore, they mate with the green ones and I am afraid they will disappear. I do see a once in awhile. Please let me know if Mr. Moon gets any mullet, my husband is having withdrawals. Gail

  8. A breath of vacation, is what I think. Just the reading of it has given me a moment's breath of vacation, which has been a greater blessing than it seems. Thank you, as always, Ms. Moon. Thank you.

  9. I kind of feel like I'm having a little vacation, just reading about yours and seeing the pictures. And I'm glad you're having a good time.

  10. That IS a very bizarre plant. I have no idea what it is. Don't fall asleep next to it!

  11. O, that courtyard has me entranced! I'd sit there and never want to leave. You have such an uncanny way with words, I feel as though I am right there, too! So very good for the soul, thank you so very much for taking the time to share it all!

  12. I LOVE the lizard! CUTE, CUTE!

    Sorry this is the most fucking boring comment on your blog.



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