Thursday, August 20, 2015

This Is My World

Back from a walk and it was a good one, though a bit different. I stopped often to take pictures and then I stopped at Miss Liola's to tell her that I am still alive because when I saw the Sheik, he told me that she was worried. I have been taking a different route, not past her house, and so I did stop and we had a little catch-up chat and I am glad I did. She is a sweetness, that woman.

So. Pictures.

One of my favorite trees. It is in the yard of a very old house where no one lives down a back road where hardly anyone goes.

Wild flowers. Tangles and vines and bushes. Golds and purples. The butterflies are darting amongst them all, sipping, slipping through space and air. They go in pairs. They are flowers in motion.

Another live oak. This one guards the road where these flowers live. 

They have repainted Johnny Appleseed who stands eternally taking a coffee break in front of the truck stop. Look at those clouds behind him. Oh, it is going to rain again today and the humidity now! The water in the air calls forth the water in the body. I am soaked. 

A tiny orchid-lily like plant. I do not know its name.

One of the three churches within a quarter mile of my house.

The beauty berry.

A good stand of it in the church yard.
And now...

The Sheik! I asked him if he would pose for a picture for my blog. 
"Sure," he said.
"Thank-you," I told him. "Now I have a picture of a good-looking man."
He flashed his gold tooth at me. 
"Take care," we told each other.

Life in Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. we finally got a decent rain. woke up to it this morning and it has been raining not hard but fairly steadily. it is stopped right now but I think we will get more. we so need this rain. my beautyberry is purpling up nicely too.

  2. hello Sheik! Nice to meet you, sir!

  3. Will The Sheik read your blog?

  4. So nice to see the Sheik. :)

    I thought of you when I read this story about a viral video of a woman dancing while in labor:

  5. Oh how fun to finally see The Sheik!

  6. And a gorgeous world it is...

  7. You live in a beautiful place, the Oaks are magnificent.

  8. Ellen Abbott- We have been blessed with almost daily rains, just like it used to do back in the seventies when I lived here. It is so beautiful. I am so grateful. But my god, it is so humid.
    Not complaining, though!

    Angella- He's a sweetie, for sure.
    "Where you been? We been worried about you..."

    Birdie- In that he had never heard of blogs, probably not.

    Stephanie- I went and watched it and have already posted it on FB. I LOVE IT! EVERY BABY SHOULD BE BORN OF A DANCING MAMA!

    Elizabeth- He was not as sartorially garbed as he usually is but as he said, "I'm just trying to stay alive in this heat."

    e- He's snappy.

    A- I think so.

    e- The oaks are my mighty blessing.

  9. Oh, tell him your readers are so excited to see another character in picture form!

  10. Jo- I told him that a blog is where you can write about whatever you want and that I write about my family and my community and other stuff. He said, "All right."
    I live in several different worlds. And that's okay.

  11. Wonderful to see the Sheik. It's all good, sometimes a bit rough, but good. Hugs to you Ms. Moon. X

  12. It was nice of the Sheik to let you take his picture - and nice of you to share it with us.

    It's been so hot and humid in our province for the past week that I don't know how there's any left for anywhere else in the world. I might be exaggerating a little, but man it's hard to get used to when our summer until now has been so cool.

  13. HOW DID I MISS JOHNNY APPLESEED when I was there??? Now I gotta come back to Lloyd! :)

    It's great to see The Sheik and the other scenery on your walk. I love beauty berries.


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