Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tarzan, Take Me Home!

We got the Neptune platter last night at Ozzie's in Grant and we sat right next to four generations of Latinas and there's also another grandmother still alive- five generations! 
They were so lovely and fun and when we left I told the lady who had taken me as her grandmother co-sister and shown me her sexy Facebook pictures, to have a nice life and told the baby girl, "Buenos noches, Bella," and then we drove home with our leftovers and I can't believe we shall ever eat again but, in all actuality, I am sitting in a riverfront restaurant waiting on breakfast and after we've eaten we're going to take a river cruise and I'm just as excited about it as I could possibly be. 
I've been on this cruise before but Mr.Moon has not and we will be going up the Sebastian river and thus, seeing and being from another angle. 
Mr. Moon asked me what we're going to see. 
"Jungle," I told him happily. 

I'll report in later. 
Love...Ms. Moon


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