Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Down To The River


  1. (I was baptized in the Spokane River)

  2. What a perfect photo of two pregnant ladies in the river. This is art.

  3. Those pregnant ladies must feel so good in the water today! Beautiful photo.

  4. Rebecca- I consider it a Baptism every time I get in that river.

    Big Mamabird- It surely was.

    Angela- I got lucky on that one. I could barely see what I was taking.

    John Gray- yep. All the womenfolk left off their quilt in' and went to the river with the young uns and Uncle Hank.

    Jo- it felt wonderful to all of us.
    But probably especially to them.

    Hank- "Mom. He's doing it again."

  5. looks so lovely and cool and refreshing and did I mention it is 106˚ here today and it is stifling hot.

  6. Well that's just an archetypal photo right there -- something worthy of Great Art.

  7. Oh my, as others have said, this is a true keeper of a photo! I can't wait for those babies!


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