Saturday, August 15, 2015

Up At The Crack Of Ten

Don't know if I'm dying, depressed or simply tired but I cannot seem to sleep enough these days. I didn't get up until almost ten this morning. I'd wake up and think, "Jeez. It's probably late. I should get up."
And then I'd glance over to see Maurice sleeping next to me and think, "Well. Maybe not."
And I'd slip back into my dreams and the coolness of the sheets and it just felt so luxurious and lovely.

I did finally get up. Obviously. And Mr. Moon is on his way to town to work on some plumbing issues and I'm just lazing about, doing very little and that may be just the way this day goes.
It's been a busy, busy week and next week will be the same and the world doesn't need me at this moment and I am ever so glad of that.

Here's a little video of the morning ritual around here.

I absolutely clutched at the names of Chi-Chi and Cha-Cha.
They don't care. And I can't ever tell one from the other anyway.

Well, the chickens are up and about and busy. Maybe I'll cook one of their eggs. Or maybe I'll just eat a nice bowl of twigs and blueberries.
Either way, good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had planned to get a few things done today but last night I fell UP the steps and broke my ring finger on my left hand. Figured I'd get up this morning and do stuff anyway, then I checked Facebook. It seems that today is National Relaxation Day, and since I love all the holidays (for the most part), I'm observing this holiday by rotating between my deck and my couch. I suggest you do the same.

  2. Awww, love the video. It's like a chicken version of Miss America! (With Mick as host.)

  3. Catrina- Ha! That's so great. Well, I'm relaxing for us all. Thanks!

    Steve Reed- I know! Here they come! All my little hens!

  4. I love that you mot only have names for all of them but you are able to call each of them by name. Every chicken deserves a home like yours.

  5. I slept till 11. I kept waking up and turning over and going back to sleep. Why not? Now I am in a bookstore cafe with my computer, reading you. Happy Saturday Mary Moon. I'm out in the city among the denizens for a change.

  6. Birdie- Except for poor Chi-Chi and Cha-Cha, obviously. Or as I sometimes call them both, Chi-Cha.

    Angella- That makes me so happy! All of it! I am home alone and using my sewing machine on different colors of flannel and I am having so much fun!

  7. Hi.

    I'm noticing that if I get up any later than 9:30 then I feel like crap all day long.

    Hope that helps. It really doesn't help me because I succomb to sleep and go right pat that 9:30 mark most days.

  8. It's August. what else can you do except sleep through August. I love that the duck has moved in with the chickens.

  9. Hello Kenneth Noisewater- How in the world did you find me? From Mr. Shife? I imagine. Well, welcome and it would be lovely if you became part of our community. We are very friendly, quite profane, and do not bite.

    Ellen Abbott- I think you are right. Yes, Ms. Lily thinks she's a chicken. I guess. I'm not sure what she thinks. Or even if.

    Rebecca- I would rather be funny than almost anything. So thank you, my love!

  10. I love the video! I can't get over the fact that Maurice doesn't bother the chickens. Beaks and claws wouldn't stop some cats. I'm glad they get along.

  11. Jenny_o- She knows they're family. I guess. Now I did have to chase off that big orange and white feral cat (who may be Maurice's mother for all I know) today who was stalking Ms. Camellia. She's killed other of my hens and I do not like her.

  12. Ms. Peace Thyme- Oh honey. Elvis died quite a few months ago. I'm sorry.

  13. That video was perfect. I loved seeing that! Loved it!!

  14. I think that you have convinced me to have an easy day today. I feel as if I need one.


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