Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I feel a great need today to be at home. To stay in Lloyd. To be quiet and listen to not much at all. My life has been so busy lately and sometimes I have to simply stop and retreat into this womb of green and light and shadow.
I started my walk late and it is so very hot so I walked slowly and stuck to the shade as much as possible and it was fine and I was fine. The butterflies are out in full. The yellow Sulfurs which always seem to go in pairs were in abundance as were the Gulf Fritillaries.

The undersides of their wings shine silver in the sunlight. They are feeding greedily in the late August heat. 

This is naught but a run-off pond but it is always a joy to see it, the green ferns and trees around it. It gives the image of coolness and today when I stopped to take this picture, a cooler breeze actually blessed me. It is right behind the abandoned gas station where the concrete ends and the dirt path takes over. When I was on my way home, crossing that pavement was a torture. I stopped at the little Mount Zion church and went around to the back where I know there is a spigot. 

I thirsted and was given water. 
Okay, I stole water. Not much. I surely was grateful.

I went on to the Post Office, noted that Papa Jay's is open again today. I also noted, when I went by the truck stop, that someone has taken over the restaurant there. This happens at least once or twice a year. It's always someone's dream to open a truck stop restaurant but it never seems to pan out. It's so close to Tallahassee where there are better places to stop and eat, even for truckers, and there's a Subway at that exit too. Well, we shall see how this one goes. It is called "Bones" and bills itself as a family restaurant. I might have to check it out.

And home. Open the gate, shut it behind me. Home. 

Maurice is my company today. She is napping on the table where I type. 

We have a fan on us and the breeze from it ruffles her fur and her belly rises and falls with her breath. The chickens are scratching outside the porch and rustling in the downed magnolia leaves.

I am going to clean out the hen house today, pick the rest of the peas, shell them, and work on Jessie's blanket. That is my entire plan. 
You have no idea how excited I am about this. 
If the river was a little closer, I'd probably jump in the car and drive down there to really and truly cool off but it seems like such a waste of gas and besides that, the idea of putting on a woman's swimsuit with its nylon and spandex makes me want to die a little. We laugh at what women used to have to wear to swim in- those bathing costumes with bloomers and skirts- but truly, unless you wear a bikini, which I am certainly not going to do, the suits we wear now are cruel as well. 

I am not interested in any cruelty whatsoever today. I want softness and breezes, bird call and Trixie song. I want peace. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a lovely way to start your day, I hope the rest of it is the same. That was a great image of you walking in to your yard and closing the gate. Protected and enveloped in your sweet home.

    PS: Gosh, that's a beautiful table cloth...I want it!

  2. Wouldn't it be lovely to walk and swim naked? Shoes are still a must but you would be much cooler. :-)

  3. I am sending you soft, pain-free, light-filled hugs.

  4. How I wish I could remember which blog I read recently that described the return of the swimsuit that is really just leggings and a t-shirt. There's a whole website to order them and everything.
    And I will say that the last time I was at the Y, a woman was there in exactly that, except in her case it looked like she'd just stepped off the treadmill and into the pool.

  5. Wear an old pair of shorts and a tee, hop in that river and enjoy! Might I enquire, how did sweet little Maurice get her name? Love that cat! (Well, except for the gore she left in your bathroom, but I do love that cat.)

  6. I want to be Maurice stretched out on the table with a fan blowing over me. Gorgeous photos, as always.

  7. Liv- I wish I could remember where I bought the tablecloth but I do not. Birds. They are nice, aren't they?

    Birdie- Yes, m'am!!!!

    Ms. Peace Thyme- Thank you! Just what I needed!

    Marty Damon- But why leggings? Fuck that. A pair of cotton shorts. Done. That would be plenty for me.

    Nora- Yes. I did think of that. Maybe tomorrow? Maurice got her name because when she first showed up here I thought she was a boy. Plus she's an "M" cat. Has that M on her head. So...there you go.

    Joanne- She's a pretty contented feline, I must say.

  8. Oh, good. I'm relieved Papa Jay is still with us, commercially speaking.

    I always feel a little sad for those family places I see along the highways, trying to make it in a world of chain restaurants. The sad fact is that many travellers want to go to a place they know. Truckers too, I imagine. I hope Bones makes it.

    I like that tablecloth!

  9. Steve Reed- Well, he is. I don't know for how long though. And frankly, there hasn't been a restaurant at the truck stop EVER as far as I know that's even halfway decent. I really should check out The Bone, though.


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