Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lost Things: Wallets, Minds, Etc.

Oh my god. I just had a major freak-out and it's all my fault. I left my wallet at Costco today and just discovered that fact a little while ago. I called and in the time that I got put on hold with three different redirections of lines, I had plenty of time to blow myself into full-blown panic.
They do have it, and I am so grateful and I am now aware (through the loop of hold announcements) that Costco can not only provide you with cheap drugs in the pharmacy but that they can also plan your romantic get-away, print your pictures, do sushi platters for parties and that they really DO care about your call, and their sheet-cakes are plenty big enough for most people to have seconds!

No shit, sherlock.

I haven't lost a wallet since about 1983 when someone stole mine from my purse at Kent's Bar in Tallahassee. Years later they found it in a potted plant. I mean, YEARS later. They called me and I went and got it. It was a little bit rotted. And I'm completely OCD about checking for both my wallet and my phone in my purse. At least once a day I'm certain that I've lost at least one, which always turns out to be not true but today, yes, it was.

Where is my mind?

I was already feeling overwhelmed and weird and not very good. Got up at 6:30 this morning, which in and of itself was completely lovely but I hadn't had nearly enough sleep and then we drove to town to sit in the neurosurgeon's office for an hour and a half or maybe two hours, whatever.
He was a nice guy and he told us that frankly, he didn't think that surgery is going to help anything in this case and that he's baffled too.

So maybe all of this has me rattled and also we're giving Jessie a baby shower on Saturday and when I say "we" I don't really mean me, because May's doing most of it and I just have a few things I need to do but this sort of thing always makes me woozy and panicky which is completely ridiculous and I am doing this to myself and I know it. So thank you, no need to tell me.

I was just thinking yesterday that it doesn't seem right that Lis Williamson, who loves and adores planning beautiful weddings and showers and parties, and who is so good at organizing them and making them perfect has ONE son who virtually eloped while I, who can barely handle going to one of those events, have three daughters, all of whom have gotten married which entailed all of that planning and dress shopping and, and, and...
I actually did sign up for Pinterest a few weeks ago, thinking that would inspire and help me with these things but I quickly realized that no, it was not going to do that and I canceled my account.
Thank god that Lis is my darling friend who has jumped in to help with every event my girls have had since she's known me, as has my other Liz, Liz Sparks. Who, come to think of it, only has only sons. 
How many wedding cakes has Lis made us now? How many receptions has Liz decorated for?
I owe them big time.
And they have allowed me to get through these things and even enjoy them although I will always feel inadequate to the task at hand.

But anyway, la-di-dah and I haven't done a damn thing today except a tiny bit of housework and losing my wallet and while I was trying to remove at least the topsoil from my bedroom with a broom and duster, I discovered why Maurice was dancing about in the corner a few nights ago. I found not only the remains of a small bird and plenty of feathers, but also a desiccated frog, poor darling thing. It was a big one, too, even all dried up  and flat.
I was on the phone with May when I found them and she pointed out that it was sort of like that children's book I adore, "A Kiss For Little Bear" wherein a kiss gets passed along from Grandmother Bear to Little Bear via a hen, a cat, a frog, a duck and two skunks, plus maybe some others.

And as I told May as I swept up the pitiful remains, "Well, frog and bird are out of the loop."

That book ends in a wedding, come to think of it.

The two skunks had taken the kissing a little too seriously and kept giving it back and forth and next thing you know, they were getting hitched.

It's the most charming book in the world. Quite possibly.

So there you go. Instead of feeding the homeless or doing something about the melting polar ice caps or even working on my pitiful baby blanket, I have done nothing but moan and worry and whine and fret and sit in a doctor's office and lose my wallet and sweep up dead things.

Yeah, yeah. I took a nap too. Okay! Busted! I did!

What did you do today, dear friends? I hope whatever it was brought you some joy.
Thanks so much for sharing this crazy ride with me.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I went to my massage appointment which in nothing like show in massage ads where the woman is looking dreamy with a small smile on her face. It was painful and now I am wanting to sleep. I am supposed to go back to work on Thursday but I am barely managing at home so I don't know how that is going to turn out.

  2. I love Little Bear so very very much. I've never seen that one. I have one about his birthday, where he can't find his mother bear, so he makes birthday soup. And in the end she comes in with a cake and says, did you think I'd forgotten your birthday, Little Bear? And another in the same book where he's playing in the snow, and says, Mother Bear, I am cold, give me something to put on. And she makes him a hat, coat and snow pants, and he's still cold, so she reminds him that he has a fur coat, so he takes everything off and isn't cold anymore. Gah. Such sweetness.

    Weddings. They're a lot, alright. I wish I hadn't planned the one I did. But Jessie's was so wonderful, and May's will be too, and if it takes a village to make it, the more beautiful it will be.

    One thing my husband taught me early on about my wallet that I panicked over ten times a day was, look first, THEN panic. And it was pretty much always there. I've lost a lot of wallets in my life, never mind your once. I've sprinkled my money and wallets and beloved jewellery round the world like rain. Not so much any more.

    I did nothing today. Went to work. Walked the dog. Packed my son's suitcase. That was pretty much it.

  3. Birdie- Why do we live in a world where we are expected to always be "chin-up"? To grin and bear it? To work through pain of all sorts, to give birth and go back to work, to lose loved ones and be expected to function in a matter of weeks? Why are we so damn ridiculously hard on ourselves? I cannot understand this.

    Jo- I have all of those books. I adore them. I am so lucky in that the things I lose very often come back to me. It makes me grateful as hell.

  4. Oh dear. Lost wallet. Neurosurgeon. I'm so far behind on your blog. What I'd like to do is get caught up.
    What I actually did today: Listen to my mom mumble a lot. Prepare for the arrival of the man I'm falling in love with.
    Sending blessings and love.. Apply where needed.

  5. I signed up for Pinterest a year ago at my friend's request. I find it just too 'busy,' so just left it alone. Said friend and I went to lunch on Monday, and she asked if I'd been on Pinterest. Busted! Then she proceeded to show me on her phone that she had created a board called 'Stuff Catrina Would Like.' There were hundreds of very cool ideas, none of which I would ever attempt. She's of the artsy-crafty persuasion. Me, not so much. As for my day, we had two grandsons spend the night and the other three showed up at 5:30 this morning. Grandpa, a hero in my eyes, took all five teenagers fishing for the day. I dust mopped floors, washed deck and front doors (and the humidity totally screwed that up!), dusted and vacuumed, and had every intention of taking an afternoon nap. Rain chased the guys home at noon, so I fixed lunch and listened to crazy stuff teenage boys say until it was time for them to leave. I threw a meatloaf in the oven, then supper dishes in the dishwasher, and I'm hoping to stay awake until my rain-delayed Cardinals game comes on. Or, I'll take an evening nap....

  6. I have missed a good bit, I see. Congratulations to May! Congrats to Owen! Jessie looks gorgeous as ever. Now how concerned do I need to be about this neurosurgeon? And is Mr. Moon feeling better yet? That seems like a CRAZY amount of blood to draw.

  7. You do t have to feed the homeless or do a darned thing. You make the world better just by being in it.

  8. I spent part of the in the pool and the rest of the day on the internet. I should feel guilty. I hope Mr. Moon gets better. Gail

  9. Denise- I love those sorts of blessings. I will definitely apply where needed. Thank you!

    Catrina- Lord have mercy, woman! I hope you're already asleep!

    Ms. Vesuvius- He IS feeling better. Snoozing in front of the TV right now, practicing for tonight's real sleep.

    Angella- Thank you. So much. Love.

    Gail- Why in the world should you feel guilty? I love that you had a day in the pool and on the internet. I wish I'd had some pool time too!

  10. Well, you know what I did today. I also went school supply shopping at Staples with Henry and saw a friend there with whom I stood in the aisle for an hour and hugged and talked to --

    Now, I'm at home preparing to drink a bit more of that vodka in my freezer.

  11. Because there is so much I should have done around here. I think I will let some of it wait until the fall and the water is too cold to swim. Gail

  12. What did I do today? Mostly I sat around being a lazy slug and eating way too much. I should not have bought a dozen donuts from the local bakery. I can't stop at just one or two.
    I'm feeling stuffed and PMS-y.

  13. I laughed out loud at the topsoil in your bedroom. That was excellent!
    I translated. Just got up before seven because of loud work in the street so I will translate more! Loving it.

  14. Thank YOU for sharing YOUR crazy ride!

    I've lost my wallet -- had it stolen, actually -- and that is never fun. Thank goodness the store still had it.

    As for the wedding planning, I am with you all the way. It is SO not my thing (as I wrote about today!) but thankfully there are people who not only excel at it but LOVE it. Which I don't understand.

  15. Elizabeth- Vodka. Good for what ails you. Also? Running into dear friends, catching up and hugging.

    Gail- It will all wait. Summer will not.

    Jennifer- I no longer have PMS to blame. It is weird. Now it's only my own damn fault.

    Mwa- Keep at it, girl!

    Steve Reed- I don't understand it either. But yes, thank goodness some people DO love it. Bless them.


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