Saturday, August 22, 2015

Waking Up In This World

I'm up. Duh. Not like I'd be writing this in my sleep, huh?
I was pretty busy in my sleep, though. I helped deliver Lily's baby which turned out to be twins. No, y'all, no indication she's having twins. That was just in my dream. I was also gardening.
No wonder I'm still exhausted.
Babies and gardens.
Yep. Sounds about right.

It's quiet in Lloyd this morning. Summer's full green is still upon us, even though the pecans are beginning to drop. The heat yesterday was powerful, painful almost. It should be the same today. It rains almost every day. A blessing, a relief for a moment or two.

Today would have been my friend Lynn's birthday, had she not died. She was with me when Jessie was born. I am thinking of how very, very proud and happy she would have been to see this girl grown up and having her own baby. How she would have made banana bread and egg salad and hung banners and sung songs and laughed and laughed.

Well, no time to dwell on the past or a different present. It is this day and it is time to start making the most of it. Time to let the chickens out, pick zinnias, take a shower, get to town, throw a shower.

In one part of my dream, I was hanging out with many babies. It was a sort of heaven.

And so is this, this real, green, hot, humid world and soon there will be babies.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. met my three year old great niece yesterday for the first time. she is just the cutest thing. I love three year olds. my pecan trees have been dropping immature nuts since before I left for my trip. the ground is solid with them and I don't see many in the trees. we've had such good harvests the last few years. I wonder if we will get any this year. my husband tells me I say that every year.

  2. It's been a long time since I hung out with lots of babies. You could see how big my baby is on facbook the other day. Sigh.

    Puppies would do me, if I could find someone with loads to cuddle. Don't want 'em myself though. Same with babies :)

  3. I bet you would find it cool here. We find it hot but you would need a big sweater.

  4. I can't wait to hear about the shower and see pictures. And I'm sorry for the loss of such a dear friend. Sometimes it seems like we know these dear friends of yours, such is the grace and love that you write each year in their memories.

  5. soon you will be hanging out with many babies, not just in your dreams!


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