Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sometimes Words Fail Me

Let me just say that if it's true that I have one productive day and then a day of doing very little, I'm not getting out of bed tomorrow.

I tried to tell my husband what all I've done today and he sort of made fun of me. Like washing five loads of laundry is SO hard.
Okay, it's not. But I did hang the clothes on the line. And do a lot of other stuff.
He was just joking with me. He's in an exceptional mood because he's about to go gator hunting. Well, next week. He's so excited. I can't really think about it. I mean, if I really thought about the fact that he's going to spend every night for a week trolling the dark, twisting, incredibly complex backwaters of Franklin County actually searching for alligators to kill, I'd lose my mind.
So. I just go into denial and when he's gone I'll pretend that he's...well, I don't know.
At Boy Scout camp. Yeah, that's it! Boy Scout camp! He'll make me a lanyard and get his first aid badge and make s'mores over a campfire.
I feel better now.

I have nothing more to say except the fun will now begin!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think i left the comment for this post on the one before it. So I'll just say here I love you madly. Amen.

  2. I have heard that it is no longer politically correct to dress baby girls in frills and ruffles because it is genderification but I have to say that when my daughter was born I had so much fun picking out clothes. There is just something so cute about ruffles on their little bums. My grandma, went crazy before she was even born sewing dresses that were frilled and ruffled wherever frills and ruffles could fit. And almost everything was in pink or purple. I guess I am getting old because apparently that is not how things are done now. *sigh*

  3. Yippee on the probable baby girl! So excited! I love pink, everythink for this baby should be pink and it would be ok with me. Take tomorrow off. That would be ok with me too!

  4. I think we should have a virtual baby girl shower for Lily and send in photos of clothes that we want Baby Girl to wear at some point in her infancy. Here's what I'm sending:

  5. Going along with Elizabeth's idea and since money is no object I choose...

    and these shoes!

    OK, I will stop now.

  6. That is going to be one cute baby, with that outfit on. Mine were often superbabies, but never with a tutu.
    I'm wondering here what they do with the dead gators - are they left for the wildlife to consume, do people eat them, are they made into shoes and handbags? Genuine curiosity here, nothing else. It does sound like rather an exciting thing to do.

  7. Yikes....... I've been to Okefenokee top tip: aligators can only run fast in straight lines so when being chased zig-zag...... and if not wrestle them onto their backs it makes them comotosed but only for a few minutes...... apparently!!x

  8. Angella- Me too you. So much.

    Birdie- It's funny. Lily didn't play with dolls much. I think she saved it all up for just this time of her life. And trust me- she'll put that child in whatever she wants. Political correctness be damned in this instance.

    Joanne- There WILL be pink. Trust me.

    Maggie- You know.

    Elizabeth- Great idea! And you and I have extremely similar tastes.

    Birdie- Especially the little shoes! Oh my god!

    Mwa- That's a good question and one I do not really know the answer to due to the fact that Mr. Moon has gone gator hunting for two years now with no gator death involved. He has said he will get me a pair of boots made but we'll see about that.

    Young At Heart- Well, I've heard that zig-zag thing is bullshit. It just seems absolutely absurd to me that any human who did not absolutely have to would put themselves in the same proximity as a live alligator.

  9. Five loads of laundry! Good lord. Our machine would explode.

    I can't think of anything more miserable than gator hunting. The mosquitoes, the swamp, the heat, the water. Ugh.

  10. Steve Reed- I'm with you man. But, this is a good way for me to prove my theory of why our marriage has lasted so long and is so good- we may not understand why the other needs to do what we do but we respect those needs with all of our hearts. It's taken me a long time to get here, but I surely am.
    Also? It really helps that my first husband's needs involved a lot of other women.

  11. Actually five loads of laundry is a LOT of carrying of wet, heavy laundry! I'd be ready for the dustbin.

    I love your answer to Steve about respecting our partners' needs. You are a wise couple.

  12. I definitely see tutus in your future.


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