Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We Had Fun

It truly was a wonderful day at the river and there weren't too many people and we stood in the water and talked and occasionally girded our loins and went in all the way and that water is like ice. The boys swam around and Owen made a friend and Gibson was a joyful little fish and we ate healthy snacks and swam some and talked some more. 

Pretty darn perfect. 

We were all exhausted afterwards and I took a little nap when we got back and I'm still tired. It always seems to me that if I have one really productive day the next one will be a day of not-doing-much. I think to myself, well, that's all right, I'm old, but then I think about all of the older (and I mean older than me!) women servers we had in restaurants in Sebastian and Vero and I feel like a complete slacker. Some of these ladies limped or favored knees or hips but that didn't stop them from moving fast and they had those dining rooms COVERED. Some of the best and most professional service I ever got in my life.  I would look at them in wonder. How they can even walk when they get out of bed in the morning is beyond me. They were at once a huge source of inspiration and at the same time, guilt. 
How dare I complain about my aches and pains and fatigue?
Well, I don't know but you can be sure I will. 

My god! It is absolutely pouring rain here now. Coming down in sheets. It is gorgeous and maybe it will cool things off a bit. It's time to go make our supper. Tomorrow is going to be a big day and I have to be at Lily's a little after nine to go with her to get her ultrasound. 
I can't wait. 

Be well, y'all. Limp as fast as you can. Or slowly. It all gets done one way or another and quite often, it can be absolutely splendid. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ohh, is that your front porch? I want a front porch so bad! A place to gather with friends and family in the evening with a glass of iced tea for conversation and togetherness.

    Your photo from the river was gorgeous. It looked like a wonderful place to swim and cool off.

  2. Love coming here for a bit of sunshine, even when raining...beautiful porch too, Mary! XO~Sue

  3. It rained hard here too. I love the sense that we share the weather. A shared world.

  4. You think about those servers the way I sometimes think about you - walking and mopping and washing and.cleand and playing with the boys... You do a lot more than you think you do Ms. Moon. I envy you your energy. I tried to do some yoga tonight and everything hurt. I must catch up a bit on my reading here. Have fun tomorrow! I can't wait to hear about it!

  5. Those women may walk around and get things done at work but no doubt they go home and fall into their chairs and beds. I hope they have loved ones around them to make it all easier.

    What are the due dates for both babies?

  6. I am the same...a productive day is often followed by a day of recharging my single cell battery ;). And, I too, wonder how others seem to be able to just keep going. My 94 year old neighbour is married to a woman in her late 50s. They are up early most days, dressed and ready to go out nearly every day, and frequently only return late afternoon or after dark. I always find myself wondering how a 94 year old can still have so much stamina and endurance. I, too, find him both an inspiration and yet, a source of guilt.

    Your porch is enviably lovely! You seem to live in a most beautiful and lush region...the river you swam in looks so totally unspoilt!

  7. Oooh that ultrasound. That will be splendid!

  8. We got that same rain and lost power with it. Isaiah's first day of school was in the dark! But in true kid splendor he didn't miss a beat. Your day sounds splendid indeed.

  9. So glad it was splendid. The picture was splendid.

  10. Inspiration and guilt: yes, I know that combination very well!

  11. we got a little bit of rain yesterday. not nearly enough. the cracks in the ground just laughed.


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