Monday, August 17, 2015

Got A Leach? He May Have A Few Drops Of Blood Left

What a day. Some of it was very good. This for instance:

Our boy went to school and was excited about it and had no worries when his mama and daddy and his brother left to go home. I saw him this afternoon and he was cool. It all went fine. He likes his teacher. He likes his school.

Big sigh of relief.

In other news, Mr. Moon went in this morning after fasting since midnight and working out for an hour at the bym to get the blood tests his doctor had ordered for him. 
No big deal, right? 
Easier than starting kindergarten, right? 
Well, there was also a glucose tolerance test and the doctor's office had failed to inform him that he was getting tested for twenty-five separate things (can you say shot-gun?) and that each of those things required that a separate vial of blood be collected. 
Twenty-five vials, y'all. 
And during the drawing of vial #12, he did indeed pass out for a moment, (he has very low blood pressure) and then he insisted that they go ahead because he is a big believer in getting things over with. 
And hey! It was only twelve more because he had to eat before the last one was collected!
He, because he's stubborn and was not in his right mind, drove himself to Lily's house where he laid down on her couch. I got a text from Lily that said, "You know Dad's here, right?"
Well. No. I did not. He had not answered my texts. 
So I called him. He sounded so horrible that I took a shower and jumped in the car and raced over there with a smoothie in a mason jar because surprise, surprise! he couldn't eat. 
He did drink the smoothie with the help of Gibson who was being adorable. When I got to the house, he led me to his grandfather and said, "Boppa, here you best friend!"
I melted. 
And then pulled myself back together to take care of that man and watched him like a hawk while he snoozed and then I took him to eat lunch which he barely made it through and then took him back to the lab for the one more vial draw.
The ladies at the lab told him that when he went back to the doctor, he should inform them that people should know that this much blood is going to be drawn and that they might want to break it up a bit. 
You think?
Anyway, we're home now and all is well. Well enough, I guess. He still hasn't got much energy. 
And I have to wonder how accurate that glucose tolerance test is going to be.

And that's the news from Lloyd. 

And here's a picture that Jessie posted recently on Facebook:

Is that a gorgeous belly or what? Her cat won't leave her alone these days. He knows something's going on. 

And here I am, in complete bafflement over almost everything in the universe, mainly the medical system and how they seem to want to kill you before they cure you, or even have a clue, and I'm not really blaming the doctor's office but am just so mystified over why they would order so many tests without explaining the nature of the gathering of them. 

So it goes. 

Love...Ms. Moon Who Doesn't Know Shit


  1. That's ... astounding. I'm so glad he's ok. For fuck's sake.

  2. I hope Mr. Moon gets his full energy back soon and feels really ok. Poor man. That's so not cool how they did that blood draw. Gibson saying "You best friend here" melts my heat too. Those boys are too too cute. And Jesse's pregnant tummy. So much love...

  3. Oh poor Mr Moon! Love what Gibson said. Sweetest pic of Jessie.
    Love you rushing over with his smoothie. :)

  4. "You best friend here" - best sentence EVER ...

    Oh, gosh, that baby's really almost here - your daughter looks wonderful.

    And the bloodwork, that's crazy. I do hope the doctor gets some useful information out of it.

  5. I'm not a phlebotomist, but you can run more than one test on one vial of blood. That seems like an awful lot to me. My flashing glucose test was a joke. The best way to determine blood sugar is the A1C. Of course, it IS a blood test. And for the babies to know that Mer is Boppy's best friend is priceless!

  6. 25! That is so much! I hope he gets some rest. I imagine he is going to be tired for a day or two.

    Jessie looks gorgeous.

  7. I love what Gibson said -- thank god for little boys in such ludicrous and upsetting times!

  8. And so much of that blood will just be thrown away! There's a fantastic
    young woman who dropped out of Stanford to start a company based on doing
    blood tests using a single drop of blood:

  9. Poor Mr Moon. He needs to build back up his blood supply. And kindergarten! Owen looks ready!

  10. Other than the total effedupness of the blood thing with Mr. Moon this post was so full of things that made me say "ahhhhh". Owen is in kindergarten! Yay!! Gibson's best friend statement. Jessie's belly. Ahhhh!

  11. You know more than you give yourself credit for...I'm glad Mr. Moon is going to be okay. Owen and Gibson are priceless, and just think, two more on the way...So lucky.

  12. That sounds like an ancient form of bloodletting. Creepy. There should be a rule to stop after eight or so. That's just awful.

  13. My husband has an order to get several blood tests before his next appt. I just got up to check and it looks like five. I had no idea they would do that many at once. Did I mention I hate drs. Jessie looks beautiful. Gail

  14. I had an anxiety attack while reading this.
    Give him some sugar. Get his levels up. :)

  15. Bullshit. That was just plain irresponsible. 25 vials of blood in one sitting? Minot another drop should have been collected after he passed out after #12 however momentarily it was. What kind of doctor orders 25 vials of blood to be drawn at one sitting.

  16. Not another drop...

    I hate auto correct.

  17. Love the pictures -- the fauxhawk looks great on Owen.

    But TWENTY FIVE vials of blood???? WTF?!

    That is insane.


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