Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Redheads Do

Redheads look in the mirror and gasp, oh no, who is that?
Redheads see Mrs. Ferger when they look in the mirror, the mother of my best friend, Lucille Ferger, when I was a child because she had red hair about this color and she dyed it herself and she sat at a table and slapped the reds on the blacks over and over and she could stew a rooster too and had five kids. They were good Catholics with no money, Mr. Ferger was a barber in Wabasso and for snacks we got soda crackers with peanut butter at that house and when I gave the same snack to my kids, I called them Ferger Snacks. They are delicious and cheap and does this red hair make me look cheap?

Redheads may have a gimpy knee which hurts in a different place than the blond had and how did that happen? Redheads have to go to the Opera House and paint the set this morning, gimp, gimp, gimp up the steps to the theater and I think that a redhead will love the smooth wood banister as much as the blond did, her hand sliding up it as she ascends to the theater and oh, shit, the redhead has not sent her bio into Jan for the program.
Okay. Here it is:

Mary Moon is a wife, mother and grandmother who lives in Lloyd and who dyed her hair red to play the part of Truvy. It is the first time ever in her life she has been a redhead although she has a redheaded son.
She has played roles at the Opera House before and has been honored to have participated in plays with Colin Rolfe whose death has left a great hole in the family of the Stage Company and who is sorely missed.
She has especially loved playing a Foley Artist as part of the famous (in their own minds) Miller Sisters Foley Company. The friends she has made through this production and others at the Opera House are beyond compare.
Thanks to Jan and Jack for allowing me to again play on these old boards in this fine theater.

There. Two birds with one stone.
Time to go paint. I think I will wear some green eyeshadow just for the hell of it.
Redheads do things like that, you know.

They do other things too but we shall not discuss them here.
Happy Saturday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Redheaded Moon


  1. Don't you kind of feel as if you're having a delicious affair?

  2. I haven't been happily surprised while looking in a mirror in quite awhile. Good for you, Red!

  3. Well, I think you are awesome, red or not. I like the peanut butter and soda cracker story. Somehow, I think that you will turn heads.

  4. What everybody else said. I love the bio, it's perfect. I'm hoping redheads post more pictures of themselves, because one is not enough. Hope the knee settles down and you have a great day.

  5. An overwhelming number of your followers like the red hair, as opposed to - well, why don't I just come right out and say it: grey. We vote that you stay a redhead for at least a year.

  6. oh i love you a woman like you ms. moon.
    you so embrace the days of your life.
    willing to change colour when needed.
    willing to offer yourself like holy fire, to burn, bleed, and shout to the heavens.

  7. I can guess what other things they do...

  8. Hey Red!
    People call me Red sometimes and I'm shocked. I always considered myself blonde. I LOVE the new hair. I love the bio. I love the way you write this and could feel the banister under my hand too.
    You are something else Ms Redhead Moon. We are sisters now.

  9. Empowerment of the lady with the red hair.

    Also...I love the new photo on top of the to a rose they are a favorite of mine. Only wish I could grow them at my home.

    And peanut butter and saltine crackers are a snack I well enjoyed.

    Take care of the knee dear lady.

  10. I still call them Ferger snacks, and now Tay does, too.

  11. Your hair does not look AT ALL cheap. You wrote a fine biography.

    I love you, you redhead, you.



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