Monday, February 28, 2011

Naps Are Nice

Mr. Owen has been here since six this morning and we've already fed chickens and patted goats and read books and had smoothie and oatmeal and traveled the yard and run the porches and now he's laying down for a nap.
I had to call Lily at work to verify a new thing Owen is saying which I thought was "nice" but wasn't sure. She said that yep, that's what he's saying. He says it all stretched out, "Niiiice," which is funny because he says it about everything he likes. Lily says he learned it from her because when he hits, she takes his hand and strokes her face with it and says it. "Niiiice."
Oatmeal is nice and so is feeding chickens. So sayeth Owen.
And he's right.
And Lily is an awesome mama.

Well. Monday morning. A week ahead where I don't have but one rehearsal and then we get to perform three times more, twice on Saturday! and make 'em laugh and make 'em cry and I think I need to call the woman who dyed my hair to get a bit more red put in. My mother is right- it's more brown now than it is red and hell, if I'm gonna be a redhead, I want to be a REDHEAD!
Funny that I can make an appointment to get my hair done but calling the dentist for a cleaning just seems impossible.


I'm going to take a picture of the flowering trees but the sky is gray today and rain is starting to patter down so not yet. I want it to look GLORIOUS when I take that picture. Right now it would look sort of black-and-white-and-gray and that's not what spring is about. Okay, sometimes it is but around here if you just wait a few hours, it will change into something else.
And we need the rain.
My peas are coming up and Mr. Moon told me this morning that I should plant the potatoes.
Haha! I said and we both laughed because Owen was in my arms and demanding more nice things and planting the potatoes is not going to happen THIS morning.
Maybe later.

After Grandmother has a lie-down too. I hope Owen sleeps for awhile. Bless his little heart.
Yes. A nap sounds niiiiice.


  1. Me must find time for a niiiice play date for our boys. I have not seen yours in way too long. It's criminal really.


  2. It is raining and dark here, too. Mondays suck, so I guess it sort of works.

    Love you shitloads.

  3. Sunny but still cold here.

    You two have completed far more than I have this Monday morning...and probably more than I will today. Sweet dreams. :)

  4. The peas are coming up ALREADY!! Wow.

  5. I have to plant the potatoes too. But I don't think that it will happen today.

  6. A happy Monday at your home. Rain or not you have little Mr. Sunshine with you.

  7. I'm wondering how your sleep was and the rest of your day. This is how much I depend on your posts to mark my hours as well.

    Love, love, love to you.

  8. Ms. Fleur- Did you figure out how to clean mullet?

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Love you shit and fuck-loads! (Is that okay?)

    Mel's Way- Owen's agenda is always really busy.

    DTG- Seriously.

    Elizabeth- Oh, honey, it was.

    Stephanie- Owen would agree with you.

    Jo- Yep.

    Syd- There's always tomorrow.

    Ellen- So true.

    Elizabeth- The nap was not great but better than nothing. My stupid doody-head dog, Zeke would not quit barking outside the door because he thinks he must nap with humans. He's lucky I didn't get up and kick his ass to Mars. Instead, I took him to the groomers where I paid good money to get him made more presentable. ARRGGGHHHH!
    But I will say that besides that, the day was incredible.

  9. Naps are the best thing ever. Ah yes.

    And that is a wonderful thing Lily is teaching Owen.


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