Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Birds Are Saying Hurry-Up! Hurry-Up! Hurry-Up!

Sleep did not come for shit last night and morning came too soon.
Off to Thomasville with Kathleen and Judy to talk to the doctor, make plans, discuss tomorrow's chemo....
I'm not sure!
But we're going.

Here- I leave you with this- my favorite thing in the newspaper today:

A man wrote in to Annie's Mailbox (the sad stepdaughter of Ann Landers) and said that his wife of forty years had passed away three weeks ago. The advice he was seeking was what were the guidelines of how long he had to wait before getting back into the "dating game."

Does one laugh or does one cry?
Life goes on. It surely does.

Here we go.....


  1. I think men of a certain age can't be alone.

    Hope today goes well.



  2. Nothing so attractive as a fresh widower.

    Or maybe SB is right, and that's all it is. Who knows. Mabye it was a lonely 40 years.

    I hate the rushing. But I love the moment after it stills when there is sitting, and tea, and nothing much to do - however long it takes to get there!


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