Thursday, February 24, 2011

Technology Has Bitten My Ass

All right. Forget the movie of Owen. It ain't happenin'. I am actually going to meet with FC Rabbath tomorrow to try and get educated. If he can't teach me, I need to be put down like the old dog I am.

In the meantime, Fred fixed the link for the tribute to Colin and the Steel Magnolias clip.
They are here:

for Colin and here:

for the clip.

And if they don't work, I give the hell up.

I'm going to bed.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, yes, dearie....they are working and awesome.

    Rest your weary head.

  2. They were both a pleasure to watch. Thank you so much for posting. Rest up.
    --Michele R.

  3. They worked for me, Ms Moon. How wonderful to be able to see you in action, or at least bits of you in bits of action.

  4. They worked, and they were wonderful. XO

  5. Fantastic~! I watched this last weekend for the first time and went through an entire roll of toilet paper blowing my nose. You are FABU!

  6. Thanks for posting these. And thanks for the candle, dear Ms. Moon. You are awesome in so many ways.

  7. Working from clear over in France as well.
    Technology can be so frustrating, non? I know that feeling of GDI#@ I am not going to bed until I get this done!!!

    You Did It. Hope you had sweet dreams.

    x0 N2

  8. working and wonderful! you are a light.

  9. Lo- You're a precious woman.

    Michele R- Thank YOU for watching.

    Elisabeth- Exactly! Bits of bits.
    But I'm really real.

    Mel- Well, they were at least THERE!

    Radish King- Ha! But isn't the movie a heart-breaker?

    Syd- It is burning now and will burn for a week. You're pretty awesome yourself.

    N2- We should be more patient with ourselves.

    Angella- I was a reflected light from Colin. Believe me.

    Stephanie- I'm glad you watched. Thanks, honey.

  10. Mary,
    Since your clips were on Google and not Youtube, I was able to see your tribute to Colin. It made me smile.

    Good job! I love you.

  11. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- HURRAY! Wasn't he a darling man?

  12. Wwwoooohoooo! They both worked! The tribute to Colin was touching and what a friend he was and is. He may not be in your presence but he is in your thoughts and most definitely in your heart. You can hear him even if he is not here.

    Steele Magnolia's ...loved the clip and you all look wonderful! You sound amazing and darn I just wish I could blink myself to one of those performances.

    xxxxxxooooooo Ellen

  13. They work, Ms. Moon. A lovely tribute. And always a treat to see you.


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