Monday, February 21, 2011

Camellias In The Mist

The fog is so thick this morning that it is running off the leaves and roof and dripping on the ground. The cloud settles around me and my skin drinks it in, its winter's thirst slaked.

The mist makes the familiar mysterious.

And now Owen is here and it's time to eat oatmeal and get dressed and feed chickens and answer every question in the world.

And then get changed into real clothes and go feed the chickens.


Frying quail from last night.

Good morning, y'all. Good morning.


  1. Good morning Mama, wish I was with you and Owen.

  2. I wish you were here too. Owen is eating his meal-meal and he would share with you.
    I love you, Joyful Child.

  3. Good morning, Ms. Moon. It is a beautiful day here.

  4. good morning to you, ms. moon. it is snowing again in new york. long peaks of snow piling up on the branches outside my window. very pretty.

  5. Good morning to you and Owen, may your day be both mysterious and magical. We have the gray foggy morning too, with ice and rain. I'd rather have your day. Hope it's a good one.
    Do those jammies have feet in them? Too cute.

  6. Good morning, my dear Ms. Moon. Good morning, everyone!

    Love to all,


  7. Owen looks like a little drunken man in that picture. He and Zeke look ready for anything, as long as there is a nap involved.

    How was the quail?

  8. oh for the mornings of zip up jammies and padding little feet.
    i cannot think of a better person to answer the questions of a young boys world.

    good morning to a perfect twosome.

  9. Good morning! My favorite thing you said: "and answer every question in the world". Ain't that the truth!!!

  10. Good morning to you, too! Owen is looking startling like his mama. He's getting blonder and blonder!

    I love that word "slake."

    It looks like and I hope you're having a peaceful day --

  11. He's so darn cute in his jammies.
    And I love the angle of the shot, with Zeke (?) looking on and the cool quilt covering the porch couch.

  12. Yes, I was going to say, I love the perspective of Zeke in the background. It's very intense! As if something is about to happen.

  13. Syd- Here too!

    Angella- I wouldn't mind looking at that snow. But I do not want to go out in it. I am thin-blooded.

    Mel- Yep. Footed pajamas. The mist cleared and it is gorgeous now.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- You are loved.

    DTG- He was still half asleep. The quail was good but I should have cooked it longer. It was done but not so tender.

    rebecca- We're a pretty good duo. We understand each other, that boy and I.

    Jill- I may not answer them correctly but I'll answer 'em!

    Elizabeth- I like the word "slake" as well. I think it is woefully underused. It's been a glorious day, thank-you.

    Bethany- Yep. That's Zeke. And that "couch"? Don't get me started on that old rusted thing. It's a supposed glider which will never, ever glide again. Ever.

    Jo- When Owen's around, there is always something about to happen.

    NOLA- Did the judge show up?

  14. I went to look up lagniappe after your post, and apart from learning a new word I was so happily surprised at its origins! Louisiana French from American Spanish from Quecha, can you get a better pedigree?

  15. catching up a bit here... loving the camellias, Owen's just-woke-up hair, and your house through the mist...

  16. I just love looking at photos of you in your daily life, Ms. Moon. They bring about such comfort.


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