Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Feel Like A Drag Queen

I look like one too.

Well, here I go, off to play Truvy for PAYING CUSTOMERS!
The Altrusia Ladies who do good deeds and drink wine always get our first performance.
They are a lovely audience and a joy to play for. (They gather for wine beforehand and leave us tasty lady-food for after the show.)

Thank god.

Did you see I painted my nails?


Here I go, poofy hair and all.

I'll report in later.


  1. you do NOT look like a drag queen woman. you look awesome! go kill em!

  2. Please tell me you are wearing a wig?

  3. How many of us get to go play pretend for lots of happy people? And dress up in fun costumes and makeup...

    You will be so in the moment for the show! I wish I could see it!!!

  4. The picture shows that you've nailed the character!
    If only someone could record the show and post it online!
    Break a leg!

  5. You're gonna be great! Knock em dead!

  6. It will be amazing.
    YOU will be amazing.

  7. You look REALLY different---the transformation must already have begun. Have fun with it and enjoy the lady-food. (What IS lady-food? Watercress sandwiches?)

  8. Have fun, be confident, and break a Leg! You look great, I still love the hair.

  9. Lookin' good Ms. Moon. Hope the show went well and was a big hit.

  10. You look gorgeous, as always


  11. Is this our first glimpse of Ruby?

    You look wonderful and the show is going to be great. I can't wait to hear how it went.
    Break a leg!

  12. You look incredible! Like another incredible person entirely! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  13. but you still got your overalls on. Haawt! lol

    you look great and will be fabulous, I'm sure

  14. Well, I think you look absolutely GREAT! Have a wonderful first night!!!

    (It's funny that you said that about the drag queen - the other day when I first put on my makeup I kept asking Babes "Are you sure I don't look like a transvestite?")

  15. I bet you kicked thespian ass. I wish I had come by to tell you to break a leg. You look gorgeous by the way. Your hair is luxurious and thick and really quite amazing.

  16. Dear Ms. Moon, I will be thinking of you as Truvy during this next stretch and knowing that you are as beautiful and fierce and Truvy as you are as Mary.

    Rock the red!


  17. Maggie May- Well, I did feel like one. But it was okay.

    Rebecca- Nope. That's my own cut and dyed hair.

    Ellen- I am lucky in so many ways.

    Lucy- It is being recorded. We'll try and get something up on youtube.

    DTG- I was okay. I didn't totally suck.
    Let's hope that on Saturday night I can say the same.

    Deb- Amazingly, we got through it!

    A- I just said "lady food" because I couldn't spell hors d'oeuvre.
    In the south, lady food is tiny quiches, spinach dip in a bread bowl, and lots of cookies.
    There were also chicken wings. Yum.

    Elisabeth- Well, my knee does hurt today.

    Lora- I'm still liking the hair myself.

    Mr. Shife- Well, one performance down, nine more to go.

    Michelle- You're way too sweet.

    Syd- Thanks, dear man.

    Lisa- No nails broken. Thank-you!

    Mel's Way- In fact, I am feeling a bit Rubyish these days.

    Elizabeth- It's weird. I never thought I'd be a redhead.

    Terena- Yes. Ruby does wear overalls. Truvy does too, just not onstage.

    Jo- Thanks, my love.

    Mwa- Parallel universe here.

    Radish King- I am still shocked every time I look in a mirror.

    Angella- You are a doll. Love you.

  18. You don't you look great, apart from the expression. I look miserable as sin in pictures so I can't talk.

    Hope it went really well. Have a great weekend xx

  19. I really do love your hair. You look lovely in the photo. You really do.

  20. Christina- You look beautiful in pictures!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I am shameless, aren't I?

  21. I had to look twice to be sure it was you!

    A totally different look!

  22. Oh my! You look different, but NOT like a drag queen. You look like an actress.


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