Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Color Of Biscuits

If you smash up two purple potatoes and add them to the flour/salt/sugar/crisco/baking powder/baking soda/cheese/buttermilk.

Oh yum.


  1. i'm just gonna say it marymoon. what the fuck is wrong with your biscuits?? i dont know who this guy Vegetable is, but he sounds like a douche.

  2. Potatoes don't count, daddyb! Carbs! Just more carbs!

    Purple potatoes ar ewonderful, Mary, I used to get them at the market. Bright pink ones too :) Your biscuit looks divine.

    wv: rootess

  3. Mrs. A- They WERE!

    DaddyB- You crack me up. You would have loved those biscuits. You would have just had to close your eyes to eat them.

    Jo- Exactly!


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