Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preparation For A Big Night

A strange thing has happened. In the past few days, my hits have almost doubled. I mean- serious traffic for little Ms. Moon. And I don't understand why.
The funny thing is is that I am not getting any more comments. Okay, maybe a few new commenters but nothing that would reflect so many supposed new readers. And I hardly think my content has gotten any more sparkling, witty, or wise. In fact, I was just unfollowed by someone this week.

If any of you have any clue as to why this bizarre upturn in visits has occurred for me, please let me know. I am intrigued.

I mean, I don't do this for the money or the fame or the glory. I do it for me but I'd sort of like to know if more people are actually coming here or if some glitch in the blogland has occurred. Or my hit-counter. Not that it's going to change a thing here at blessourhearts. You know me. The chickens, the trees, the grandson, the kids, the man, the opera house, the occasional recipe or nice little chat about religion or politics.

Wait! Maybe it's the red hair! Yes! The universe shines more brightly on redheaded women.
Uh. Probably not.

Okay. I cleaned out the hens' nests of chicken shit and gave them fresh hay. I set tables at the Opera House. There was a car wash going on across the street in Monticello. "Car Wash For Jesus!" the signs proclaimed.

Yes. I do live in the south. Why do you ask?

I have also done a tiny bit of gardening and now have approximately eighteen ant bites which are itching like crazy.
Ah. Spring. When the red ants come boiling out of the dirt to attack us, we know the dogwoods and azaleas will be following shortly.

And now for the nap portion of my day. I need to be at the top of my game tonight. Most of my family is coming to see the play. Also some of my dearest friends, including Billy who knows the entire script by heart, I do believe. This might be nerve-wracking. I need to get some rest. And then get up, go over my lines again, poof-up my hair and put on my eyes, my lips, my cheeks and my leopard print hose.

Fucking ant bites.
Spring is coming. My skin wears the proof. But as I always say, If there is anything more satisfying than scratching a good itch, I don't know what it is.
And I mean that in the purest, more humanly dermatological way possible.

Good night.


  1. I've finally remembered to add you to my blog list because I love your wonderful writing and humour. I have been visiting every day since. Maybe lots of others have done the same.

    My hits doubled about four months ago and have been constant ever since. One day they were exactly the same amount. I have no explanation for this.

    Have a great weekend lovely Ms Moon xx

  2. Have you ever used the Google thing that notifies you when your name or your blog or certain words appear on the internet? That might notify you. You can also go and look at your stats and where they're coming from. There might be a search engine that picked up one of your posts, or a picture on your post -- that's what happened to me at the end of December when had up an obscure photo that appeared on my blog.

    Enjoy being so popular!

  3. Wellll...I shared "Commit to Art, Change Your Life" on my fb page, so if you see an extra bunch of Pacific Northwest or Upstate South Carolina traffic, could be due to that...

    --The Indextronaute

  4. Good luck and break a leg. I have fewer comments now and more followers. Oh well........

  5. i second Elizabeth- you can use your Google Analytics, it will show you where your hits are coming from and also keywords used to get here.

  6. Might be the photos (that's where all my hits come from!)... or the mention of Magnolias? Other than that... I don't know.

  7. Christina- And I have added you to mine. Thank-you. Ah- the mysteries of the blogosphere!

    Elizabeth- Yes. And it could be that I'm posting more on Facebook. Just the link to my blog. But doubled? I only have about seven friends. Okay. More than that but

    Indextronaute- We love you for more than your name! Thanks!

    Syd- Strange stuff.

    Maggie May- They seem about the same on GA to me. Keywords, I mean.

    Jo- Really? Huh. Okay.

  8. Yes, the blog hits thing is weird. Some days famine, some days feast. I don't think it's an exact science by any stretch.

  9. I recently started following (after seeing you on a bunch of my favorite blogs!)and this is my first comment! I've been enjoying my reading so far :) Maybe everyone else had the same idea!

  10. Hahahaa! A good itch is a little like a sneeze, just plain fun. This is why, when Emerson the Labrador wants to express "this is the good life," he scratches every reachable spot on his body, then sneezes.


    I don't know why you'd get a flurry of hits, but I am not surprised. Your writing & blog is/are gooooooooood.

  11. Wish I was there to see your red hair and leopard print hose and your performance.

    Then I'd give you a standing ovation and a big kiss on the lips.


  12. I can't believe I missed wishing you good luck. I suck lately.
    I'm thinking of you.
    I wanna be yr friend on FB.
    Bet you are all knocking socks off.

  13. Wooooooooooo! More hits!

    I suggest it is a number of factors. FB, Anthony Bourdain, the impending arrival of Spring and decline of SAD sufferers...

  14. I get a lot of hits too, but not more comments. I looked at the statistics and it seems the longer I blog, the more posts thatvare out there. I pst pictures a ot. Many people Google an image or Googla a word or phrase and that request links them to my place. So many of the "hits" are for posts other than the one I posted on a certain day. Most are for archived posts. So, check that out if your counter gives you the option. I use StatCounter.
    Anyway, i come here, not every day, but prolly every other day or so. I don't always comment, but I'm here. Sometimes i feel like just sayin' "I was here", but then I'd be a blog whore hoping you'd come to my blog and do the same. Maybe the little smiley------> :-)
    Anyway, I'm not a red head kind of guy, but I'll look at a red head if I happen to like the view. It's all relative. I'd love to see one of the plays or films you do. Did you know i used to be in the motion picture production business? Special Effects, F/X. Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Snow, Bullet Hits, you know, mechanical stuff.
    Okay, scratch that itch. (In the most appropiate way)
    Nice visit here today.


  15. I do not profess to understand how the internet works.

    I only have 20 followers but if you Google "Cabbage Smells Like Poo", my blog comes up #1. And indeed my stats tell me that over 12 people last year were driven to my blog because of that very search.

    I have no idea why one would actually have to search "cabbage smells like poo" because it really simply does and there is no need to substantiate that fact.

    I CAN tell you that when I Google Mary Moon is a Redhead, your blog comes up #3. So probably has to do with the hair.

    ;) Love you!

  16. wow. that's all i can say, sweet marymoon. we had such a good time watching all you ladies in that play. and mostly i did know all the lines. mostly. i would say them under my breath with all of you and chuckle. "me and truvvy just nailed THAT shit."


  17. You are right, Daddy B- we DID nail that shit. Mostly.
    I love you so much.
    Did I tell you how handsome you are?

  18. Car Wash For Jesus! made me laugh.

    Glad about your hits. I'm sure Jesus is responsible. Blog Hits For Jesus!

  19. i love you so much too, mm. thanks for saying i'm handsome. that's how this whole thing you remember?

  20. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I feel that sadly, you are not the first person to ever say that. "Blog-hits for Jesus." Is that anything like "Bong-hits for Jesus"?

    daddy B- When I met you? When you were rockin' the Elvis look? I've always thought you were incredibly handsome but you just keep getting more so.

  21. Ha! If it's not a google search thing, I do wonder what it is. I still get more than 10 every day for dinosaur cakes, gay porn and girl crushes.


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