Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Wall

I've hit it.
The past three weeks, weeding in the sun all day, martinis, walk-around, quail.
Double done.
Owen is coming at eight tomorrow morning.
Bed. Oh yes, lord, bed.
Sleep tight.


  1. Dear, dear Ms. Moon,
    I've just done a good "catch-up", reading your posts over the past few weeks, since I haven't really had enough time to read and savor until today when the pressure switch or the pump or something else associated with our indoor plumbing required care....which meant I was as useless as one of the dogs and free to read while my son and my dear old person toiled to restore conventional amenities (not done yet, by the way). So: a moment to thank you for these past weeks of beautiful shimmring stained glass glimpses into your life. I am so, SO grateful.

  2. I hope you sleep well. Deep restorative well deserved rest.

    I think your soul was missing the gardening after a time.. I know I can't wait.

    It's all been such a privilege to read and visit and savour here as always.

    I so appreciate you blessing my heart, Ms. Moon.


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