Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thing I Said Last Night That Upon Reflection, Maybe I Shouldn't Have

So after the performance, some of us were sitting around a table downstairs, having our free beverage and I'd drunk an entire half of a beer and some of the believers in our midst were talking about how God must have a sense of humor because we are made in His image and we have a sense of humor and so forth and so on and out of nowhere I said, "Aw, look at y'all being so cute about your perfect imaginary friend."

There was a silent, pregnant pause and everyone scooted a little further away from me at the table and cast their eyes upwards, waiting for the lightening to strike me.

But it didn't and everyone laughed and that is why I love the people at the Opera House.


  1. why is it ok for them to talk about god all the time but not for us to publicly say we don't believe in it? :)

  2. YEah. I did something like that once and was drunk enough to begin to sing Jesus loves me in this tinkling little drunk girl voice. I appeared much crazier than I am.

  3. you are so darn funny, mary moon. i never thought of God like that, but it's kind of perfect.

    imaginary friends comfort children. and most of us here are needy children.

    for me, God is as good a conception as any for what I don't know about where we go when we leave here. it's hard for me to believe we don't go somewhere. but maybe i just miss my dad. and i want to believe some force of good will keep my children safe, because God knows, they are out there and i can't.

    yep. needy child.

  4. As long as you don't have condescension in your heart, I imagine no one felt badly. I think it's when people are CERTAIN in their beliefs and non-beliefs, intolerant and, ironically, "holier-than-thou" that offense is taken. Or perhaps when "belief" and "non-belief" is taken up, like armor to protect oneself. I think.

  5. I am so not religious but have come to believe that there is something much more profound than I am. I can understand what you said. But sometimes when I think about life, I figure that there has to be something to the sense of humor thing.

  6. You totally should have said that because it's funny.

  7. You may have been channeling Togi.

  8. I would have laughed so hard, whether I believed in God that day or not. Some days I do.

  9. If only more of us were as honest as you we might know the truth!

  10. ha haa! nice one...exactly the sort of thing I'd say

    lovely people though, despite their sccoting away these troubled times, I'd say scooting away is the least of extreme reactions.

  11. I love you so. What a great thing to say. You have balls, woman!

  12. Ms. Eden- No reason at all. None. And the people I love know that, too.

    Ms. Trouble- Okay. I wasn't drunk but it would have been funny if I'd sung that. But what I said was plenty.

    Angella- Well, I lost my dad at an early age. Okay, correction- I never had a DAD. So. Maybe that explains a lot. But you know what? I still believe my imaginary friend was real.
    Go figure.

    Elizabeth- You are exactly right. And the people I was with are all highly intelligent and are secure enough in their various beliefs to laugh at what I said.

    Dirty Blonde- You think? It seemed so to me at the moment.

    Syd- Humor may BE god for all I know. I only know that I do worship at its altar.

    Mwa- I'm glad you agree.

    DTG- And would be honored to do so. Amen and praise Togi.

    Elizabeth Too- And that's okay.

    Nigel- You think? More to follow, I'm sure.

    Screamish- These are the loveliest of lovely people. Believe me. They tolerate ME!

    NOLA- I knew you'd appreciate that.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I just wish you'd been there.


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