Friday, February 25, 2011

Fact Of The Matter

When I'm onstage without my glasses (always) I am completely and totally blind.
I grope around for props, I look at and speak to large, moving blogs of humanoid figures.
You know, that's really probably not the best way to act and it's no wonder I trip all the damn time.

Well, it's all fake-believe and when I'm onstage, the other actors may as well be too.

I think it's somehow comforting. And god knows, I can't see the audience and I KNOW that's comforting, not that I'd look at them if I could but still...

So that's it from me right now. I'm about to fly over to Monticello, trudge up those old steps and keep repeating Colin's mantra, "Can you believe we get to do this AGAIN?!"

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Can you believe I know how to roll hair? I don't think I'd done it since high school but apparently it's a skill like bike-riding. One never forgets.


  1. Christina- Shops? Forget it. But hey- farm fresh eggs and garden vegetables right outside your back door! And a freezer full of venison! And of course I would not fit into your clothes but perhaps with enough cleverness, I could make it appear as if I do.
    I think perhaps we should do it.

  2. All went well today. She did well and the breathing tube is out. I am relieved. Have a great show!

  3. You are lovely, but tell me this: without your glasses, how can you HEAR? When I have mine off, I go deaf. For reals. Loves!

  4. Wonderful photograph. There are times when I wish I could look like that.

  5. Yes, you are....cute that is.

    And have I told you I love the red hair?.........

  6. Oh, I LOVE that picture of you! It made me grin. Have fun tonight!

  7. You're adorable. I am so grateful for my glasses/contacts. Without them, truly, I would be deemed the village idiot.

  8. Curlers Gone Wild!

    How I wish that I could see you in your play --

  9. Isn't this called performing blind, Ms Moon? Break another leg again.

  10. Hope this weekend's performances are a blast! You look great.
    I have always been intrigued on certain word pronounciations across the country and rolling hair is one of them. I "curled" my hair as a teen in Calif, but in the South it is "rolling" hair as you say. I still would say I "curled" my hair.
    --Michele R.

  11. I called it 'setting my hair.' That's what it was called where I lived. I forgot how to ride a bike, but I'm sure I could still put rollers in my hair!

  12. I love the photo. You are cute as hell, too.


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