Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Faces Of Joy

Look- I have made so many mistakes as a mother. I still do, no doubt. But somehow, it's sort of okay. My kids are wonderful and great and they tolerate me. They tell me things and I tell them things and we laugh and so far, I have not killed them with embarrassment yet, although it could still happen. When someone let me take a left through traffic today, instead of giving them the "thank-you" wave I blew kisses and Jessie just about died.
"Hey," I said, "I'm old and I just don't give a shit any more."

But of course I do. I very much give a shit. And what I mostly give a shit about is living this one life I have in the most joyful way I can.

As I have always said, my children are my greatest teachers.



  1. I agree...I love my kids more than I ever thought possible or imagined...

  2. Those are some pretty sunny faces!


  3. Ellen- And wait until you get grandchildren. Jesus.

    Ms. Fleur- Aren't they?

  4. There is nothing wrong with blowing kisses. Betcha made that persons day!

  5. I think your girls' smiles speak all your joy.

  6. They are beautiful children. You made them that way. You were their first teacher and now you are working your Moon magic with Owen too. We're watching it happen and it is holy. None of this happened by chance.

  7. Their joy must run deep, to wear such smiles. And they are our teachers. Lucky us.

    (P.S. Reading Keith Richards, on your recommendation, thank you.)

  8. I hope and pray my kids will grow up to tolerate me like yours. I read and learn.

  9. Nice photos. Those "kids" look happy.

  10. We sure are happy kids because of what our mama (and papas, too) have done for us.

    And I was not about to die from you blowing those kisses... well, maybe dying of laughter. But you must admit, those were some pretty dramatic kisses.

  11. I love May and Jessie, and if these aren't the sweetest photos, then I don't know what.

    I think it's great that you blew kisses. It probably really woke up the person who let you go. It's good to wake people up.

    I adore you! YOU REALLY ARE MY IDOL!!

  12. Rebecca- It was two people, actually.

    Elizabeth- It was a joyful moment.

    Angella- I'm crying. Thanks.

    Marylinn- You have such a beautiful blog. I hope you like KR.

    rebecca- Aren't they?

    A- Yes. Never a doubt of that.

    Mwa- Honestly and love. And more of it.

    Syd- They were, I think.

    HoneyLuna- I freely admit it.
    I love you.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- And you are mine.

  13. This is it. This is everything.
    Do you know last night my daughter who is home for break/suffering a concussion, wanted to sit and watch Planet Life with me. Her choice of something to do.
    I am continually floored by this.
    Then at the interval when I got a glass of wine and she a snack she said "I' m so happy to be sharing something I love with you mamma, and you love it too, and I'm so happy! "

    There is no greater joy. I would have died happy right there.

    okay maybe I want grandchildren someday.
    and a flatter tummy.


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