Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Times Filled With So Much

Listen- love each other.

That's my message tonight. The one I am getting, the one I am giving.
Just fucking love each other. And laugh all you can.

Long day with great gifts, and I am going to bed so that I can get up tomorrow and try to be a good daughter, or at least a decent one, and I am so grateful for family of all kinds, both blood and heart-chosen.

For you too.



  1. Is your mom getting both knees done at the same time?? Is that even possible?

    Offering my services. You know I can yack with the best of 'em. If you need me to help, I'm there.

  2. Love and laughter are the best. They compliment all the rest.

    I didn't mean to rhyme.

  3. Hey, I'd clean your house for $1K. As long as you'll take car of the dog piss and poop and DJ the music and I can stay for dinner with y'all. I don't mind cleaning that much. And since it's you, I'd even drop the price to $800. Mwa, mwa, mwahha. Keeses. N2

  4. And I am thankful for you. You don't know how much.


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