Thursday, February 24, 2011


Please. If you have like TWO seconds, just click on the links and let me know if they'll play. That's all I ask. Whether or not you actually watch them is up to you. And if you only have time for one, watch the Colin one.
I mean it!


  1. Just left a reassuring note on the original post, but figured I had better make sure you get the word. The clips are working and they are awesome.

    Now rest your weary head.

  2. Wonderful and moving -- I adore how you and he were looking at each other. Thank you for sharing this -- it's definitely the only thing I've done all day that's made me feel warm inside.

  3. They play just fine. It was a lovely tribute to your friend. Even in the still photos he looked full of boundless energy. And Steel Magnolias looks plenty energetic and colorful and full of fun, too...

  4. I got a google docs link but not Colin.

  5. They are both working. Awesomely done.

  6. Damn govt computers. I personally can't view them b/c they must be a threat to national security :). I'll be checking them out at home later tonight.

  7. They're workin' just fine, Mary Moon! I might just have to come see you strut your stuff as Truvy before that show closes!

  8. Lo- Thank-you, love. Thank-you.

    Elizabeth- We did love each other, didn't we? All of us loved each other and were so joyful. You can see that plainly.

    Leslie- And how can such boundless energy be stilled? I am not sure.

    Kathleen Scott- Damn! I'm sorry.

    Syd- Thanks, honey. I hope all is well your way.

    Jill- I hope they work for you.

    Jucie- Good!

    Magnum- Come see us play the ladies of the beauty shop! You should do it! Bring that woman you love.
    Make a date.

    Kati- Aw, honey. Thanks for stopping by and it would be awesome to play Truvy for you.


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