Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running Away For Love

The Mister and I are heading out of town tomorrow. We're going to spend two nights Apalachicola and I am looking forward to that so much. It is, as I have pointed out, time for us to take time away.

We're staying at a place we've never stayed before, a relatively new place, and it's on the river and every room has a balcony and if all we do is hunker down watch the river, I'll be happy. I am not going to cook, wash, clean, or do anything which resembles my normal life. Any tending I do will be to the sweet man I am married to. The man who makes my life a safe and beautiful place. Two whole nights and days to keep him as close as arm's length, to hold him close, to delight in his company.

My life is so incredibly full and the fullness is as sweet and sticky as honey and as real as rain and it's hard to admit that sometimes I need to step away from all of it but I do. And Mr. Moon and I have always done this- taken time to just be together. It's been a life-saver at some points and a marriage-saver too. To have times when the biggest question of the day is where shall we eat supper? and the sweetest moment of the day is whichever one we are living in at that particular moment.
I guess it's one little honeymoon after another. Like that.
And there is nothing in this world wrong with going away to be in love with the one you love.

It's going to be cold but as Mr. Moon said tonight, "We know how to snuggle."
Oh yes, we do.
But all skills must be practiced now and then to keep them sharp.

I am looking forward to practicing our skills at love. And being together. And watching the river flow, with no need whatsoever to direct it in any way. Just to


  1. If I am honest, sometimes your everyday life seems like a vacation for me -just to have a family and people who love you surrounding you and loving you. Vacations for me are toward those things, not away from them.

    But then again, I am not married. Which, I am starting to think, means that I know not a damn thing about anything.

  2. Ms. Moon-

    Whatever else you've done, you've figured out the important shit.

    Good on you.

    Good on you.

  3. I second what the dishwasher said.

    And have fun!

  4. SJ- Well of course my life is like a vacation in so many ways. Hank is going to come and tend the petting zoo/chamber of mysteries and he is looking forward to that. I know how lucky I am. But the core of it- the love with this man- that is what I need to remember this weekend. That is what makes me able to be the tender of it all.
    And honey, you know plenty. I know that full well.

    Tearful- Boy do I try. I swear to whatever it is, I do try.
    You do too. I know that.

    handsandspirit- I intend to! Thanks.

    Ms. Fleur- Okay!

  5. Party at Moon Manor, somebody bring a keg.

  6. I love, love, LOVE that you and the Mister take time away from the every day things to spend with one another.

    I hope you have the most lovely time. Snuggle up!

  7. You and Mr. Moon are very smart people. Have a wonderful time and as always I enjoy reading your blog. You are an inspiration to love, marriage, and what is right in the world. Take care and enjoy yourself.

  8. Have a wonder time. Yes, every couple need re-connect time. The ones who stay together are the one's who have figured that out.

  9. I second most commenters here. You seem to know how to make the most of life in all its joys and sorrows. It's always a treat to hear about your loves and joys just as your way of writing helps us deal with the sorrows. And then of course there are all those wonderful in-betweens. Happy holiday Ms Moon.

  10. Every morning as i read you with my cup of coffee, my eyes, too tired from my 6 hours sleep, tear up but my heart feels good. Thanks for sharing all of your sweetness.

  11. Mary,
    You have always been so good at the love stuff. Give Mr. Moon a big hug for me and then spit your toothpaste in the sink and leave it...remember how much he loved that when we were in college?
    Love to you both and enjoy each other!

  12. Screamish: Of course! But don't tell my mom.

  13. DTG- See following post.

    notjustafemme- I promise you, we shall.

    Mr. Shife- You are one of my oldest readers and I always appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

    Mel's Way- Amen, sister.

    Screamish- Be my guest.

    DTG- Haha!

    Elisabeth- Well, it certainly has its ups and downs. And plenty of inbetweens. Yes.

    Michele R- And my meanness, too?

    Terry Joy- He STILL talks about that. Okay. I'll do that. Then I'll tell him that's a little love note from you.

  14. I'm hearing Bob Dylan singing: watching the river flow.

    You two love birds have fun. I know you will. This post is delightful and cute as shit.

    So are you and Mr. Moon!

  15. Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Well, maybe we're cute. He's very tall and slender and I am short and getting rounder by the second. Bah!

  16. Maybe you're reading from the hotel???
    So happy for you.

    My man and I are going away next weekend. It is past time. Even a couple of nights is a wonder.

    Live love.

  17. Okay, you two enjoy every moment. We get away as much as possible on the boat. Getting away to hotels and far away places is something we need to do soon.

  18. Snuggle Up, You Two! And have a great mini-break =o). x0 N2

  19. I am so very glad you two got to get away! That sounds like such a perfectly lovely get-away, totally my speed! Enjoy one another and delight in your love :)


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