Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maggie's Farm/Praise

Okay. So I'm watching the Grammy's and Bob Dylan was on.
You remember how disappointed I was when I saw him last year?
He just made up for everything and I touched my forehead to the wood floor and said, "That was fucking Bob Dylan."


  1. Yes, me too. He was a bit scary right at the beginning, but man did he warm up! And all that joy in the band behind him, no? Can you imagine being one of those people -- getting to back up Dylan? I said to The Husband that I would give anything to see him "on the street" this week -- you know, run into him like we do here in crazytown.

  2. Are you healed?

    Glad he's back to his old self.

  3. Elizabeth- YES! That joy behind him! And I, too, would give anything to see him on the street but the streets of Lloyd reveal few celebrities. We live in a different sort of crazytown. It's plenty crazy but less interesting.

    Ms. Fleur- No. But I was for that second.

  4. He is awesome. Nobody can write lyrics like he can. And he delivers them in his own way. Gotta love Dylan. Still rockin' after all these years.

  5. Truly enjoyed the Grammy's this year! Even my Love stayed up for the entire show...which is odd and amazing. The whole Ella tribute at the beginning sealed the deal.


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