Friday, February 11, 2011

New Hair, Old Face

Well, there you go. Before and after.

It's shorter and darker than I thought it would be but it is what it is and by this time next year, it'll be back again, same as it was, only grayer.

It was funny, I looked in the mirror and I said, "This is the first hair do I've had in my entire life."

I believe this is true.

I think I look Irish now. Irish and Oldish.
The things we do for art.

P.S. For a picture of Hank's (Downtown Guy) new tattoo, check out his blog at Tallyhassle.


  1. The color is gorgeous, and so are you. Looks great!

  2. That looks great! It's awesome. I love it.

  3. Going from light to dark hair always makes you THINK you look older, but it doesn't. It looks great, embrace your inner redhead and now your outer redhead.
    Word of warning (I'm a redhead myself at this time) - get some sulfite free shampoo to wash it in and don't use real hot water - to keep the color from fading. The cut is also great!

  4. I think you look beautiful, and I also think you look younger. Gorgeous.

  5. Ooo la la it looks fabulous, the cut suits you.
    I love the gray too though ;0)

  6. You actually look younger! The color suits you just right.

  7. You look sexy. Really cute! It makes you look even younger.



  8. Wow! Wow! I love it! You look wonderful!! You must report on everyone’s reaction, i.e. Mr. Moon, your kids, Owen, the cast.
    --Michele R (blogger is being fussy)

  9. Cool! You look like a woman of mystery.

    I forgot to say yesterday that I love the verdant look of the blog and the gorgeous camellias up top.

  10. Looking great! And would you believe I got nearly that same haircut and colour last week? Spooky!

  11. I told you it looked great. You just never listen. Love you, see you tomorrow - Jan

  12. That color looks great on you and, wow, when was the last time you had your hair that short? I, too, wonder what Owen's reaction will be!

  13. It looks great. You are Hot. And I think it is quite sophisticated looking.

  14. Wow, it's fantastic. The cut and the color are pure Truvy. I love that you did this for art. Suits you, Ms. Moon. Enjoy!

  15. You look like a rockin' mama. You wear it well because you have a beautiful face.

  16. Forget the oldish. Just go with the Irish.

  17. You look gorgeous, Mama! I can't wait to see it in person! Does Daddy like it? I bet he does.

  18. You look amazing! You do look like an Irish lass....You will surely get some double take looks because of the haircut as well...Mary you are one brave lady...I think I would have been such a wimp and not colored but you are not a wimp and by golly you wear,no, you ROCK red hair!

  19. Llyn- Ah. The ability to take flattering pictures with PhotoBooth!

    DTG- You always thought your mama was a redhead, didn't you?

    Lucy- Honey, I want it to fade back to my original as soon as possible after the play. So bring on the sulfites!

    Lois- Really?

    Kori- I ain't interested in looking younger. I am who I am. But thanks, baby.

    handandspirit- The gray shall return. Believe me.

    E- Who are you? Do I know you? Thanks.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- If you say so...

    Michele R- Mr Moon is intrigued...

    Kathleen Scott- You are the only person to comment on the new header. I really love it. Thank-you.

    Mwa- We are redheaded sisters!

    Jan- I love you. Period. The end.

    Lulumarie- I think...eighth grade? Lordy.

    Syd- That means the world to me. Thank-you, dear one.

    Angella- I was so nervous. You cannot believe.

    Radish King- Bless you, baby. I got your card. Irish chicken dinner, indeed!

    Nichol- No. YOU are pretty.

    Nigel- You sweet thing. Or should I say "thang?"

    May- He's...dealing with it. I don't think he hates it.

    Ellen- It was my last chance.

  20. I think you look young and beautiful Ms. Moon...

  21. I love it! Very sexy.

    So Mr. Moon will get to meet Ruby soon?

  22. I think it looks GOOD! Stylish -- really and not "old" at all!

    You could call yourself an artiste now, with an "e."

  23. Well. This becomes you. Yes, it does.

    You are a work of art!

  24. I LOVE IT!!!! You are fabulous as a redhead!

    woohoo!!!!! Wonder if Glen feels like he's cheating on the blond you with the redhead you!

  25. Sweeet! I expect a blog about any observances you may have now that you have crossed into the Red Zone.

    PS. You are my hero no matter what color your hair is.

  26. Smokin'!
    That cut is fabulous!

  27. Well, I think it's great! Irish in a fifties way, maybe? Very classic.

    I too feel Irish and Oldish :)

  28. What DTG said! Makes me want to color mine! And I don't color! Woohoo!

  29. OMG. It's Fab!

    It's been a crazy week and I am just now reading all the news from the past 9 days.

    Thank you for sharing Colin with us. We would have never known him without your wonderful words.

  30. I told it's wonderful, but I'll say it again.
    I hope you keep the cut , but if it doesn't feel like "you" then no doubt you won't.

    And Mary, I know you are crazy busy , and probably didn't watch the link on my last post. But I think you would really like it.

  31. Oh I have been busy and trying to catch up on my "reading" :)... I love the hair Ms. Moon, FOXY, CLASSY! It looks great.

  32. Ms. Moon! I love your new hair! You look great as a blonde, and as a redhead too.

  33. beyond gorgeous.

    damn girl. mr. moon must be beside himself!

  34. You were so brave!
    Beautiful every which way.

  35. I dig your hair! It is very sassy. Didja then have a wild night with Mr. Moon? -No no! I didn't ask that and I know you're a lady and won't answer it.


  36. Irish, maybe. Oldish, NOT. Gorgeous, definitely.

  37. Still, and maybe even more, Beautiful!
    And Mr Moon gets a nother wife =o).
    Very Truvy, I say. You go, Beauty Shop Gal!
    x0 N2


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